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TomorrowLand Academy

For over 20 years, TomorrowLand Academy has remained as one of the top choices for Preschool in El Monte, California. Our approach to early childhood education is based on the idea that children are self-driven learners who prosper in a nurturing and stimulating setting. For this, we provide age-appropriate, hands-on, and interactive activities where they can explore in order to attain a dynamic learning experience.

Kicking Off the Season the Right Way

Kids who are active in sports can empower them to interact with others. It also develops and improves their health, physical skills, and self-esteem. On top of that, it can influence them to apply the same efforts in sports to their studies.

Why Is Storytelling Important for Preschoolers?

Kids are curious beings. They like discovering new things and get fascinated by them. With good storytelling, kids can get lost in their imagination as if they are adventuring in a different world. It can be exciting when they know more about their favorite characters because it will be fun to emulate them. It can also be educational for them if you tell them stories about your experiences, especially those that have moral lessons and meaningful messages.

Smart Toys and Activities for Preschoolers

At TomorrowLand Academy, we believe that children in preschool have longer attention spans compared to toddlers. They are often curious and like to ask plenty of questions to satisfy their inquisitiveness. They also prefer to examine and experiment with things to expand their learning and discovery.

Getting Down with the Sounds of Music

Music has always been part of our culture. Children of all ages can’t help but express themselves through music. Just by listening to a song on the radio or TV, they involuntarily move their bodies to it. Sometimes, they even know how to sing without knowing the exact words of the lyrics. Also, when children hear their parents sing, they find it enchanting and soothing. That’s how powerful the effect of music is.

Managing Children Who Are Picky Eaters

A healthy diet is essential for your children. When you give them the right food, it keeps them nourished.

Kids Shine When They Eat Breakfast Every Day!

We believe that breakfast is as important as all the meals of the day. As educators in a preschool in El Monte, CA, we think that feeding your children breakfast will do more than breaking the fast; it sets the highlights of their day! When they take their morning meals, it improves their ability to focus and learn.

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Bathroom

Most injuries that occur to preschoolers happen in the bathroom as per our Daycare in Arcadia. Even when little ones are capable of using the bathroom on their own, the bathroom itself contains many potential dangers that can put your child unnecessarily at risk.

Playing Money Games Cultivates Children to Become Money Savvy

Most parents do not spend much time to teach their little ones the importance of counting money, saving, and smart spending. Educators in our Chinese school in Arcadia suggest that playing money games such as Monopoly board games, online simulator games, or role-playing games for children can be useful in teaching them how to count, spend, and save money.

Age-Appropriate Activities Your Children Should Participate In

It would be awesome for children to start learning at an early age, albeit not entirely in academics. To ensure your kids grow up as well-rounded adults, it would make sense to prioritize the development of their creative, intrapersonal, and interpersonal skills. If you’re in California, you can find all these types of training at a preschool in El Monte, CA. Here, your children will be immersed in the following age-appropriate activities:

Preschool | El Monte, CA | TomorrowLand Academy

For over 20 years, TomorrowLand Academy has remained as one of the top choices for Preschool in El Monte, CA. Our approach to early childhood education is based on the idea that children are self-driven learners who prosper in a nurturing and stimulating setting. For this, we provide age-appropriate, hands-on, and interactive activities where they can explore in order to attain a dynamic learning experience.

Important Aspects a Preschool Program Should Cultivate in Your Child

The preschool age is a crucial stage of your children’s life. Considered as the formative years, the first 8 years of an individual’s life should be the time for holistic development. At a preschool in El Monte, CA, the focus of the education program are the following aspects to ensure the overall development of children:

A Hyperactive Child Needs Attention and Care

Does your child show signs of hyperactivity, such as bouncing around the house all day or tossing things all over the place with seemingly unlimited energy? Although sometimes, parents become delighted when their child is so full of energy and life, they need to understand hyperactivity better.

Early Education | Kindergarten | TomorrowLand Academy

Our kindergarten curriculum in El Monte, CA focuses on developing strong fundamental skills in writing, reading, social studies, math, and science.

Know When Your Child Is Being Bullied

It is no secret that some children encounter bullying at some point in their childhood. Sometimes, it starts with sibling rivalry or teasing from childhood friends. As parents, you will want to act and put a stop to it because the teasing can traumatize your little one if it becomes too hurtful and constant.

A Good Routine Lays a Strong Foundation for a Child

A routine is essential for every child. As parents, you do your best to set it to instill good habits in your child even from the time they are born. You help them with their feeding schedule, potty training, and play time. You plan a routine for everything to make life manageable for both you and your child.

Keep Your Preschooler Active for Better Health

Educators in our preschool in El Monte, CA have observed that there are a growing number of children who are overweight. Even though your child may continue to be a bundle of unlimited energy, a lot of that energy often goes to waste.

Stay Connected With Your Child When You Travel for Work

Being a parent to your child is not always easy. It’s not only because of all the obligations that come with it but also because of the guilt that creeps up whenever you have to leave your child in a daycare in Arcadia when you go to work.

How Swings Can Help Your Child’s Development

When a child hears the squeaky sounds of the playground swings, it’s enough to spark their excitement. A swing set can be exhilarating for your child. It creates an inspiring emotion of flying or a thrilling sensation of falling to them.

Making the Best Child Possible

All parents want the best for their child. They want to give their children the best possible opportunities that they possibly can. This includes education, preschool, and other facets of education.

The Foundation of Tomorrow

For one reason or another, a lot of parents want their kids to learn a language that isn’t their own. Naturally, the best time to learn languages is when you’re a kid before your brain really sets in and it can still be molded and shaped a hundred different ways. It’s why a lot of parents go around looking for a Chinese school in Arcadia, so their kids can learn Mandarin at an early age.

Understanding Childhood Fears and Phobias

Fear is a normal thing for children to feel at times. This emotion can help kids be more cautious. Luckily, we can help parents help their kids feel safe and learn to be at ease.

When to Get Help with Your Child’s Fears

Most kids learn to cope with their varying fears with gentle support from their parent. However, there are some kids that have a harder time and need more help. Discovering their fears earlier on can help them deal with it earlier, too. TomorrowLand Academy is a Chinese school in Arcadia focused on developing all aspects of your child’s character.

Healthy and Effective Discipline Tips for Kids (1)

Disciplining children is one of the toughest parts of parenting. From time outs to punishments, to yelling, and learning to say no, here you’ll find tips and ideas to make discipline effective no matter your child’s age.

Healthy and Effective Discipline Tips for Kids (2)

As parents, it is your responsibility to teach your child how to properly behave. It’s a job that takes a lot of time and patience to achieve. Preschool in El Monte, CA use plenty of strategies that help in dealing with children’s disciplinary development.

Introducing Play Groups!

Playgroups are the best option for parents who want their kids to experience different things but feel like they don’t have enough resources at home for that to happen. With playgroups, children are given some time for one-on-one play with other children.