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5 Useful Bangkok Tips - Five Travel Tips for Tourists Heading to Bangkok

As one of the most visited tourist hotspots in Asia, Bangkok is a holiday hotspot for the masses. Here are 5 tips every traveller will find useful during a stay in the Thai capital.


Stay Hydrated

While most travellers may underestimate just how hot and humid it can get when walking around the capital of Thailand, frequent visitors understand the value of keeping a bottle of water handy at all times. Those hailing from cold temperature nations should take special care to maintain hydration as it is easy to get overwhelmed and dehydrated when sightseeing in Bangkok. Most of the city's top attractions are outdoors, including temples, parks and palaces and the midday heat can stick to your body like a bad habit. Keep a bottle of water in your backpack at all times and make frequent stops to enjoy some juice and king coconut water when it's available. Step inside a mall or an air-conditioned shop if you feel the heat is too much to bear and take a break.



Although it may not be a common practice in most retail encounters, haggling or bartering is all part of the fun of shopping in Bangkok. Keep in mind that haggling down the price of a product is only applicable in local markets and other open-air, casual thoroughfares and kiosks and not in high end malls or department stores where the prices are truly fixed. When bargaining, it is important to be polite and maintain composure to get the best deal. Don't be surprised if 40% of the quoted price is reduced as the items on sale are marked up to fool tourists in the first place.


Stay in a Convenient Location

The convenience of staying in Bangkok city hotels cannot be overstated, especially if one is in Bangkok for a limited number of days. As one of the busiest and most congested cities in Asia, securing a strategic location in the heart of Bangkok can be a huge advantage for tourists looking to make the most of their time in the capital. There are one star; two star and luxury hotels the likes of AVANI Atrium Bangkok and countless others available in key areas of the city and visitors should select a venue that is located close to some of the tourist hotspots in their itinerary. A hotel or guest room near a Sky Train station or other public transportation hub will also suffice as the city's MRT and LRT provide quick and efficient transfers throughout Bangkok.


Plan Your Day

Bangkok is not the most popular tourist destination in Asia by mere coincidence. The sheer number of activity bases and cultural and recreational points of interest makes it a veritable powerhouse in Asia. This also means that large queues and crowds are also a fact of life in most top attractions in the city. Start your day early and make a plan on how you will spend your day engaging in sightseeing activities. Map out an efficient route and select the most efficient short cuts to reach your destinations in time. Stepping out without a plan is a sure-fire way to waste your time in this dynamic city.


Must-Have Carry On's

In addition to a copy of your passport, visitors should always have another form of identification to present to the authorities. Whether it's a driver's license or your national I.D, keep it on hand when you are out and about, especially entering clubs in Bangkok. Carry a hotel card with you to show locals in case you lose your way and cannot find the way back to the hotel. Most hotel cards will have its name and address written in Thai as well as English so, it will save a lot of time when trying to tell someone where you are based.