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5 Best Things to Do in the Seychelles - Top 5 Activities to Experience in the Seychelles

As one of the globe's most visited beach holiday hotspots, Seychelles is an activity hub for the masses. Here are some of the most exciting things to do during a vacation in the beach capital.


Beach It

As a beach holiday Mecca of picture postcard perfection, no vacation in the Seychelles would be complete without soaking up the sunny atmosphere of the island nation's spectacular beaches. Home to some of the world's most stunning coastlines and beach hubs the breathtaking white, sandy confines of Seychellois beaches is hard to find elsewhere in the region. Marked by the now iconic boulders of granite, the finest beaches in the Seychelles include Anse Georgette, which is on Praslin island. Other beach hotspots include Anse Lazio where the sunsets are simply to die for and the long stretch of white sand is worth writing home about.


Tour Vallée de Mai

Perhaps the country's most coveted tourist highlight, Vallée de Mai also has the unique honour of being one of the Seychelles' UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As a captivating forest with primeval features what makes Vallée de Mai an area worth protection is that it is home to a whopping 4000 clusters of the coco de mer palms, which are a unique palm variety endemic to the island nation. Serving as the verdant habitat of the Seychellois bulbul and countless other bird species including the elusive black parrot, the area is a nature lover's dream come true. Walk around the national park and explore its leafy confines and get a whole new appreciation for nature's bountiful gifts in Vallée de Mai.


Indulge in Boating Excursions

Sailing and cruising activities are not a popular pastime for frequent holidaymakers based in the Seychelles but it is a rite of passage for first time visitors who will find that the geography of the country is tailor made for cruising adventures. Hopping on a boat to Cousin Island and discovering the achievements of BirdLife International and Nature Seychelles is also one of the most rewarding experiences available to tourists. From witnessing magpie robins, terns and countless reptile species the splendour of local wildlife makes the trip to this idyllic island worth the time. Curieuse Island, in contrast is home to giant tortoises and lemon sharks while St.Pierre is perfect for snorkelling activities. Visitors who reserve AVANI Hotels and Resorts or other accommodation options or book hotels online in general can make a booking for boating excursions prior to their arrival as well.


Discover Small Town Life

The big island of Mahé, in Seychelles is also where one fines one of the world's tiniest capitals. Named Victoria, the small town with its Creole households and clustered, narrow roads is the stuff dreams. With a sliver clock tower which eerily resembles the one found down Vauxhall Bridge Road in the British capital, this sleepy little hamlet offers visitors a welcome respite from the touristy beaches and attractions of Seychelles and provides a tranquil haven complete with its own small Hindu shrine and a bustling thoroughfare named the Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market.


Hiking Adventures

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts alike can also try their hand at exploring the natural landscapes of Mahé in a number of engaging nature trails. The Copolia Train is perhaps one of the best hiking and trekking options available to visitors as it crosses diverse terrain from rubber tree plantations to cinnamon forests. Glacis rock formations and vacoa plants are also part of the course on this trail which takes 90 minutes to cover, each way. The Morne Blanc, on the other hand begins from a tea plantation and offers spectacular views of Port Launay Marine Park.