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5 different strategy of stress-free software release management

Automate monotonous work so that the expertise of your workforce can be directed to a more productive avenue, and talking about expertise of the workforce, make sure to hire the right people in your team, value their efforts and then compensate them properly. Folks, this is how you ensure a stress free release of your software.


Examine the current state and establish a release cycle

First and foremost, it is necessary to examine the current state of the release process. This helps in identifying the problems in the ongoing process, which in turn helps in shaping the management plan. Once the current system is examined, it is now time to establish a release cycle. Building a release cycle helps in setting a timetable and a routine which keeps all the team members aligned. The customers are also then confident that their product is being worked on with utmost care of time without the compromise on quality


Collaborate and Communicate

The whole release process can be a lot more fluid if the entire team works as a team. On the spot and complete flow of information among all the major stakeholders and teams, members guarantees reduced mishaps and a solid understanding of what is required by each team member at the moment. The individual, collective efforts culminate into remarkable team performance. Constant communication also helps in detecting flaws and weak spots in the whole process, and so they can be worked upon at the moment.



It is the responsibility of a software release manager to foresee and anticipate possible problems which might arise, jeopardizing the entire project. Once possible risks are identified, it is pivotal to come up with their solutions. A course of action like this ensures that the software release is not hampered.



Automating a few product development processes can come in handy when the workload consists of tones of repeated procedures. Due to this, the comparatively more critical tasks which require more intellectual ability can be continued to be done by the workers, while simple monotonous work is carried out by the machines. This helps in improving the productivity and morale of the workforce too.


Set positive expectations and invest in the workforce.

Finally, it is vital for the entire team to be aware of the significance of the project they are working on, how each & everyone’s efforts are critical and how their commitment is valued. Having achievable expectations from the team members drives them to achieve those goals and even more. No matter how much you might invest in the extensive processes and software, you will not be able to achieve success if it’s not for the commitment of your team members. Get the right people for the job with the adequate skills and then compensate them for their services handsomely to ensure a highly motivated team.



As discussed in the introduction of this article, you can actually have a stress free software release, no matter how matter how impossible it sounds. The key to it is to start at the groundwork, examine your current situation and find ways of improving it before implementing new measures. Once that is done, maintain proper release schedules and properly communicate and collaborate with the rest of your team to ensure maximum efficiency. In addition to this, foresee possible hurdles, which might come in your way and come up with their solutions too. This is what differentiates a successful release manager to a mediocre release manager.


Organizing & Planning

Release management is a software engineering process of testing, organizing, planning and overseeing the launch of a software. This phase is considered the most hectic and stressful aspect of the software development period, and one begins to wonder whether stress-free software release management is a myth or a reality. Software release can be a stress-free experience if you consider these five different strategies. These will not only help your team in getting a good night’s sleep but will also assist in regaining the confidence in your projects.