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8 Things to Know about Travel in Malaysia - Eight Facts to Keep in Mind When Heading to Malaysia

As one of Asia's most popular travel destinations, holidaying in Malaysia is on the bucket list of many a traveller. Here are 8 important facts to keep in mind when one is travelling to the country.


Watch Out for the Heat

Although the temperatures are not as high or as humid as in Sri Lanka or India during summer, Malaysia remains a tropical country which enjoys sunny skies and warm weather for most of the year. Those who are travelling to Malaysia during the hottest months of the year may find that it is difficult to walk around the city when sightseeing. Keep bottled water handy at all times as heat strokes cannot be ruled out.


Lingua Franca

Although the official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia, tourists would be surprised to find that most Malaysians converse well in English. While the widely spoken Bahasa Malaysia remains the most used lingua franca between locals, most Malaysians have a good handle on the English language, especially in the capital and in tourists hotspots around the country.


Transport Tips

Visitors should always rely on public transport options when travelling around in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere in Malaysia as the local bus, MRT and train network is top class and also efficient. The MRT is the best way to get around Kuala Lumpur while relying on buses and trains for sightseeing activities are also the most affordable way to explore the country.


Religious Sensitivity

While it may not be a strict and fundamentalist Islamic nation, Malaysia remains an Islamic country. A vast majority of its populace are Islamic devotees and follow not only the laws of the land but also Islamic edicts set forth by the religion. It is, however, one of the freest and open Muslim countries in the world.


Holiday Dilemmas

If your holiday plans call for a choice between two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia, Malaka or Georgetown, opt for Malaka. Not only is Malaka far more interesting than Georgetown in terms of architecture as well as the types of ruins occupying the city but also includes a breathtaking riverside. What's more, Malaka is also regarded as more relevant to Malaysia's history when compared to Georgetown.


Spend Time in KL

While most travellers land in the nation's capital Kuala Lumpur, only to jet off or hop on a train to the country's beach hotspots and other holiday destinations, spending a day or two in Kuala Lumpur is a must. Home to the country's largest department stores and malls, Kuala Lumpur is a shopaholic's dream. The Petronas Twin Towers and KL Bird Park are other highlights worthy of exploration on a Malaysian visit.


Penang Hype

Although Penang is touted as the home of the country's best beaches the area is overrated and overrun with tourists and other developments. Head to Sepang instead, not only will you find beautiful beaches and Sepang hotel accommodation in venues the likes of AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort and numerous others but the area is also ideal for kayaking and sailing activities.


Water Sports Hubs

In addition to Sepang, visitors in search of Malaysia's best water sports meccas should look no further than the Perhentian islands. Scuba diving and snorkelling are the most popular activities here thanks to the area's marine life heritage and excellent water visibility.