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05 Reasons to Visit Luang Prabang, Laos – A Tourist Hotspot

Since Laos modernised the international airport of Luang Prabang, the place has become quite the tourist hub, with more and more visitors checking out the beautiful location. Listed are just a few reasons as to why you should visit Luang Prabang.


Be Mesmerized by the Early Morning Monks' Alms Walk

Witnessing the early morning monks' walk in Luang Prabang is quite a refreshing sight; most importantly one needs to make sure the young monks are shown the utmost respect, by keeping your distance and not interfering with their morning rituals, of collecting alms. What you will witness are silent lines of monks, making their way from monasteries to the town centre. They walk along lost in meditation, forming lines from the oldest to the youngest; some who are as young as 8 years. This is a ritual practised for many centuries and must be observed from a distance.


Explore the Food Markets

A well-located hotel Luang Prabang has on offer will place you within close proximity of the fabulous and unique food markets of the area. These markets are a treat to explore and quite fun to observe; they are conducted by farmers and small-time entrepreneurs, while the goods for sale are one-of-a-kind. There are live pigs in baskets, as well as, the freshest catch from the Mekong River, while local fruits, vegetables and earthy mushrooms are a treat to sample.


Visit the Tourist Night Market

Walking distance from the AVANI+ Luang Prabang is the iconic Night Market, a must visit for all shopaholics and the curious tourist. Commencing at 4 pm the market goes on until around 10 pm and takes up a 10km long stretch on the Main Street. There you can shop for a variety of items, including silver jewellery, colourful textiles, delicately painted shells, and some very quirky souvenirs, such as snakes in a bottle.


Enjoy Exploring the Palaces, Temples and Monasteries

Exploring these serene attractions is a treat to mind, body and soul, and one must enjoy this sans, tight schedules or itineraries. Plan on a leisurely morning walk, and head away from the river, eventually, you will stumble upon a fine collection of temples, monasteries and the Royal Palace. Located along the main street is the Wat Mai, the largest and most beautiful shrine, there you will be enchanted by the sounds of chanting monks in the early morning hours, while a trek to the top of Phou Si Hill, will treat you to a bird's eye view of the surroundings and offer you a chance to explore a collection of small temples, as well as, Buddha's footprint imbued into a small rock there.


Visit Ancient Caves

Dating back thousands of years the Pak Ou caves of Laos are cherished shrines. Inside are over 4,000 icons of the Buddha. The caves are easy to access as they are located on the opposite side of the Mekong River, and reached via small boats. You enter from cave Tham Thing, which is located on a lower level, after which a flight of stairs will take you to cave Tham Theung. Torches will be very handy.