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Headline for Benefits of Aqua Jogging – A good alternative workout
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Benefits of Aqua Jogging – A good alternative workout

Aqua jogging has gained popularity amongst recovering athletes and elderly people who have a limited range of motion. Listed are some reasons why you should try aqua jogging.


Impact free

Aqua jogging has become a popular choice amongst hardcore runners because it has no impact. Injured runners use aqua jogging as a way to get back on track. Recent studies have proven that people can maintain 90% of their performance by engaging in aqua jogging; which means if an injured runner engages in aqua jogging while they are in recovery they come back at 90% performance levels.


Resistance Training

Unlike land-based exercises, water exercises have a built-in advantage- resistance! Any action you take underwater is met with resistance. Resistance is good for toning muscles and it provides a great cardiovascular exercise (a type of exercise that helps raise your heart rate).


It massages your body

Your joints and muscles are massaged when you perform any action underwater. Water-based exercises like aqua jogging are recommended for people recovering from injuries for this very reason. Water-based exercises also help reduce the blood pressure and boost the circulation of blood.


Keep things interesting

Doing the same exercise routine over and over can be tedious, it has also been proven that repeating the same exercise over a period of time lessens its impact. Engaging in aqua jogging even once a week adds diversity to your workout and provides a break to your muscles from high impact land-based exercises.


Helps boost your running

Good posture, precise hand movement and flowing strides are some of the key elements that make aqua jogging the effective exercise it is. The more you engage and perfect your aqua jogging skills, the better your running performance gets.



How long you want to aqua jog and what intensity is entirely up to you. While it's most used because there is no impact, you can always work out in the shallow end to increase the impact. If you're having a hard time finding enough room in the pool you can always use a nifty little gadget called an 'aqua jogging belt'. One end of the Aqua jogging belt is attached to the edge of the pool and the other is attached to your belt or waist, which lets you feel the full effects of aqua jogging without moving an inch.


Anyone can do

Even if you've never tried Aqua jogging before you'll get the hang of it really fast. There are a few add-ins like the aqua jogging belt and floatation devices that you can find at your local sports store but using these aren't a must! Aqua jogging can be done anywhere, it doesn't have to be in a pool; it can be even at a beach where the water is still and calm, similar to the beaches in Maldives. Luxury resorts in the Maldives such as Adaaran Prestige Vadoo are ideal places to go aqua jogging as the availability to the pool and beach lets you experience different water resistance levels that will vary the intensity levels of this sport.



For people who are constantly on the move or don't have the time to regularly visit a gym aqua jogging is the perfect routine to stay healthy and keep in shape. It's also great for people who aren't really fond of swimming as they don't have to invest in a swimming suit or even get their hair wet. Aqua jogging is a sport that can be done by anyone, anywhere!