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10 Fantastic things to Do in Nizwa, Oman – Spell of an Ancient City

Nizwa is yet another city in Oman that is just as spell bounding as Muscat. Here are 10 things you can enjoy in Nizwa.


Pay a visit to Misfat Al Abreyeen

Misfat Al Abreyeen is an amcient village in Oman with houses that resemble a waving terrace from the distance. The farmers in the village use mountain slopes to grow their crop and visitors can feel the 200 year old vibe of the land once they set foot there. Many visitors take cabs and leave the indulgence of their Oman luxury resorts to explore this side of Oman.


Visit Tanuf Ruins

The Tanuf ruins are located in between the cities of Bahla and Nizwa. The place used to be an entire village now abandoned. As many of Oman's ruins, Tanuf ruins too will reveal an untold story worthy of deciphering.


Shop at the Nizwa Grand Mall

Escape the heat of Oman with a visit to the Nizwa grand mall. There are over 60 retail outlets in the mall and you can take your time to choose something to take back home. If you are travelling with kids they can have a grand time in the entertainment area. The mall's design itself is worthwhile capturing on your camera.


Take a tour of Nizwa Fort

Take a historic tour of this landmark fort in Nizwa. This 17th century fort features courtyards and towers that were once teeming with life. Don't forget to take in the scenery on your way to the fort as well.


Go on a trek

Trekking in Oman will include rock climbing, hiking and cannoning. The mountainous terrain will pose a rewarding challenge. The best time to trek in Nizwa fall between October to April. You can opt to hire an English speaking guide to better explain the country and the culture to you.


Visit Jebel Akhdar

The Jebel Akhdar Mountain is one of the city's main attractions. The view from the top is secenic and appealing. Jebel Akhdar is also called Oman's fruit bowl but not without reason. Staying in the area at a place such as the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort to explore it further and taste its bounty will be worth your while. The beautiful orchards of Jebel Akhdar bear some juicy apricots and pomegranates that taste like they belong in one of the Arabian tales of mystic beauty and indulgence.


Nizwa Souq

The city's oldest market places, the Nizwa Souq sells an array of goodies. The hundreds of stalls at the market place offer a wide array of juicy fruit and vegetables as well as meat and fish. This is an ideal place to watch local life flowing by and catch glimpses of an occasional camel. You can also buy various handicrafts at the Nizwa Souq, in particular silver curious and antique pieces.


Visit the Al Hoota Cave

The cave features a rich and a fertile area with two lakes. The underground lake is filled with approximately 30,000 m³ of water while the other lake is about 15 meters in depth and 10 meters in breadth. The 2 million old cave emanates a mystic vibe and in the lakes you can see 'blind fish also called Garra barreimiae.


Be mesmerized by the Wahiba Sands

This beautiful stretch of sand is an awe inspiring sight with imposing dunes and gold tinged sand. A visit to Wahiba Sands can make you fall in love with the spell of the desert.You can take in the beauty of the vast stretch of sand in a 4x4 and even catch glimpses of the local camel races conducted by the tribe of Wahiba.


Visit Wadi Ghul

This is the ideal place to bid a sweet goodbye to your Nizwa tour. Watch the sunset over the city of Oman from the 'balcony walk' of Wadi Ghul and feel tranquility sweep over your whole being.