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Updated by Nearpins on Aug 20, 2018
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2018 Best Apps for Small Business

To automate operations, many businesses these days use apps and tools which help them to quickly get customers and increase revenue. Here are a few 2018 best apps and tools for small business


This is one of the best tools to use if you want to sell your products online. In 2010. Shopify has launched a free mobile app on Apple App Store that allows storekeepers to view and manage their stores using iOS mobile devices. Shopify has also implemented several payment methods that allow merchants to accept credit cards without requiring the third party payment gateway.




Slack is a collaboration hub that brings people with different ideas and with all the right information altogether. Launched in 2014, Slack can be the best tool for small businesses to connect with their team, unify their systems, and drive their business forward. There are many features that slack offers which make it easy to operate and communicate. The contents available are searchable including files, conversations, and people.




Quora is a questions and answers tool that small business can use to increase the reach to their target audience. You can post any questions and even answers to queries and at the same time pitch for the website reach by attaching the link to your website's blog. In this way, you can allow your small business to generate more traffic.


A software that develops a travel and expense web and mobile application for personal and business use. the app can help small businesses manage expenses, transaction, import expenses directly from credit card to generate free expense reports.


Wordpress is a software that allows all kinds of blogs to be posted. Many small businesses use this platform to showcase their services and link their blogs to their official website. Through highly generated traffic blogs you can reach to a number of people and target many customers. An interesting blog will always create curiosity in the mind of the readers and it will want to read more and go to the website.




Skype is one of the common tools used mostly for video chatting. Professionals these days use skype to virtually interact with people or clients in another place, city, region or country. The features that skype offers are helpful and convenient. You can upload files, videos, images etc. Small businesses can also use this for group interaction, meeting and working.

Survey Monkey

Founded in 1999, Survey Monkey is a software that provides free, customizable surveys. This app can be very helpful for small businesses as it helps them not only in survey but also they can reach to customers via email, web and more. The software also has a suite of paid back-end programs that include data analysis and other representation tools.

Linkedin Recruiter

Many small businesses find it very difficult for the right kind of people for their businesses. Linkedin is a tool or platform that allows small companies or employers to view candidates' profile and get the right suitable person. if you are a recruiter, you can create your own ID which is not chargeable and you can post your openings. If you want to get more candidates, you can follow the paid service that does not cost you much.


Nearpins is an online shopping and selling platform that allows small business shopkeepers to sell their products online. Nearpins comes with many benefits for local shopkeepers who are willing to expand their businesses both online and offline. The app is very convenient to use and shopkeepers can register for free.




Tulitab is an advertising and promotional platform that allows small business advertisers to use the tool and reach to their target audience. The best thing about Tulitab is that you can advertise both on the web as well as on TV. tulitab is a new evolving technology that was launched in 2018, and it comes with many benefits for the users, advertisers, shopkeepers, and others.


Evernote is a mobile app designed for organizing notes and taking tasks. It allows users to create any kind of notes- a piece of formatted text, a Web page or Web page excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note. The app also allows users to stores personal writings as well as business projects and also creates products and services that can help teams work better together from any corner they are.


Managed by Intuit, Quickbooks is an accounting software that is geared towards small sized businesses. The system offers on-premises accounting application as well as cloud-based versions. Through the app, users can also manage payments, bills etc.

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