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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 5 exciting water sports in the Maldives – Get ready for the adventure of your lifetime
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5 exciting water sports in the Maldives – Get ready for the adventure of your lifetime

The Maldives is a serene destination, but its wild side is ravenous and offers plenty for holidaymakers to enjoy. For the epitome of such fun try out some water sports in the Maldives; you will never forget it


Jet skiing

Have you ever fantasized about motorcycling in water? That is precisely what Jet skiing has in store. Fun, thrilling and utterly enjoyable Jet skiing is one water sport that you cannot leave the Maldives without trying. This activity is loaded with adrenaline for it whisks you across the surface of the ocean in rapid moves that are exhilarating, to say the least. To enjoy the craziest twists and turns to embark on a guided jet skiing ride. This way your safety is assured along with all the unmatched fun.


Banana Boats

A ride on a banana boat is lots of fun. Although it is called a boat it is actually just an inflatable that is towed on the water via speedboat. For those visiting the Maldives with the family, a ride on a banana boat is a must do because not only is this fun, it is quite thrilling as well. For starters, you can enjoy a bumpy ride on the water but as you go deeper into the sea the boat is tipped and you are actually tossed into the water. As the waters of Maldives are shallow for miles on end there is not too much you need to worry about. The entire adventure is perfectly safe.



Among all the Maldives attractions its underwater world steals the limelight. Adorned with a wide array of corals and marine life, you can witness a multitude of colors under the sea. To witness the nation's most prized treasures, try out snorkeling in the Maldivian waters. There are so many reasons why snorkeling is such a treat in the Maldives. For starters, the waters are warm and crystal clear. Although diving offers a far better view and experience snorkeling is easier and can by swimmers of all ages. To top this, in a destination like the Maldives there is a world of exquisite snorkeling sites spread all over the nation that no matter where in the Maldives you are based you are bound to enjoy your snorkeling excursion.



Now windsurfing is one sport where you can enjoy the wild side of water sports. Highly popular in Maldives windsurfing can be indulged in at several areas across the Maldivian ocean and the experience you can enjoy here is both challenging yet fun. With such perfect water conditions, all you need is the wild winds and you can be guaranteed the time of your life. The best time to windsurf in the Maldives is between October and February.



Kayaking is a milder version of the water sports available in the Maldives and also happens to be among the most popular ones -especially among lovers and retired travellers. Kayaking is one of those blissful pleasures in the Maldives where you can sail in the ocean for hours on end and not feel even a second pass by. If you are staying at The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro you can have your excursion organized for you.