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Facts on jet skiing – It's like riding a racing bike, but on water!

Jet skiing is one of the most fun and exhilarating water sports that you should try out. Here are some facts and reasons why jet skiing has become so popular over time!


How did Jet skiing start?

The concept for the jet ski or the Personal Water Craft (PWC) was initially brought forward by Bombardier during the 60's. Kawasaki released its first commercially operational version of the PWC, called the Jet ski's during the 70's and was later joined by Yamaha's "WaveRunners". Bombardier came back to the Jet Ski market in 1988 with their latest line of PWC called "Sea-Doos". Honda entered the market in 2002 with their AquaTrax line of jet skis but Bombardier, Yamaha and Kawasaki still dominate the market with their respective PWC models.


How do jet skis work?

Jet Ski's use water jets to make the craft glide on top of the water at high speeds. The vehicle squirts a stream of high-pressure water from the rear of the craft as it moves forward at high speeds while still maintaining its balance. During the initial period when the craft first came out the driver had to stand while operating the vehicle and the passengers held on to the driver to maintain their balance. As the Jet Ski was tweaked and improved, manufacturers moved towards a model that let the driving operate the vehicle from a seating position. The change in design not only helped with the comfort factor but it also helped with the steering accuracy; the vehicle would respond to even the slightest movement; i.e. taking sharp turns is a breeze compared to most motorcycles.



While the initial models of the PWC required the rider to possess a certain level of athleticism, the models that are produced presently are geared for maximum comfort and entertainment while also improving on the accuracy of the vehicle. Similar to motorcycles, the driver can be seated while using the jet skis, one of the most convenient water transport methods available at present. On top of the obvious use, jet skis are also used to engage in other leisure activities such as dolphin watching and island hopping.


Insurance, just in case!

Although most hotels, resorts and jet skiing rental shops brief its users on the risks and about the required safety precautions for the user's safety, some of the places even offer an insurance policy just in case something goes wrong. The insurance policy covers anybody over 16 and even though you might have to pay a bit extra for the insurance, it's always better to be safe than sorry.


Fun for all, no matter how old you are!

Jet skiing has become a popular past time over the last years because of the speed and adrenaline rush it provides. Most hotels and resorts located near water bodies such as a lake or a beach offers its guest the needed gear to experience this amazing sport for a reasonable price. Jet skiing is particularly popular among tropical islands like the Maldives. Luxury Hotels in Maldives, Adaaran Club Rannalhi for example, even provide lessons for beginners who would like to take part in this sport. The sport can be experienced by more than one person as most water skiers can accommodate 2 people in addition to the driver.