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Best parking and security solutions in india

PARKnSECURE incorporated in 2012, with the vision to provide integrated parking and security solutions, tailored to individual customers’ need. Our expertise have made us the most promising solution provider and the rising system integrator of automated parking and security solutions in the very short span of time. While centrally organized controlled from their Head Quarter in Gurgaon, PARKnSECURE operates from its many regional offices based in major cities of the country.

Toll Management System (TMS)

We are offering high-end Toll management system and solutions that will be ideal for implementation of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) either on Multi-Lane or work in Hybrid mode allowing various modes of payment such as RFID tags, Smartcard, cash, app and more. We are designing customized solution especially to deal with the specific needs and issues of Toll road projects in India

Automatic Traffic Management System

At PARKnSECURE, advanced traffic managements system and solution is designed to monitor, control and to provide safety through and through on highways. We have keenly included a set of most advanced technologies to support situational awareness and to aid various safety measures by making the driver aware of the obstacles that might come on the road ahead.

Our advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), helps in managing traffic, consists of cutting edge technology based roadside equipments to ensure smooth traffic flow along with timely and wisely reaction in any hazardous situation. This helps in proactively managing the transport network and enhancing the travel experience at the same time.

Parking Management System | complete Solution | PARKnSECURE

PARKnSECURE uses cutting edge technology to provide hassle free and effective parking management solutions that aim to deliver an intelligent system which not only optimize our customer's parking programs but also deliver convenient solutions for vehicle drivers. We have developed an integrated smart parking solution that has proven results in reducing costs and street congestion. “Our Parking Management System constitutes the access control system, revenue management, security system, and statistical information. Our innovative solution integrates video analytics as well as ANPR technology which empowers the automatic driving and improves parking efficiency.”

We are making your parking experience easy, simple and affordable. Whether it is a visitor stall or thousands garage stalls, we will make you able to manage and operate anything without enduring a high capital cost and complexity

Smart Parking Guidance System | Based on IOT | PARKnSECURE

Parking guidance system is designed to monitor and provide trustworthy information and data about occupancy of parking space. The system is entirely complying to inform the drivers about dynamically ever-changing information of availability of the parking spaces. With the manifested information and guidance signs, vehicle owners are subjected to go directly to the vacant spaces that are closest to their current positions.

Automatic Boom Barrier system |Semi -Automatic|PARKnSECURE

Automatic boom barrier offers security at the exit and the entry points of industrial units, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas, etc. Successfully controls pedestrian and vehicle traffic, thence helps in achieving better security. A bar or pole is pivoted in order to restrict the unauthorized access of vehicles. Basically, its tip moves in vertical arc pattern to almost vertical position and boom gates are counter weighted for the easy movement of bar. Out of several technologies, electro-mechanical boom barrier is widely used because of its reliability without generation of heat and even operated in an intensive duty cycle.

ANPR | Automatic number plate recognition | PARKnSECURE

Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR)/License Plate Reader (LPR), Car Plate Recognition (CPR) is nothing but different names to one perfect security solution. It is constrained of camera and software called optical Character recognition (OCR) to capture image of vehicle plate number along with image of the person who is driving the vehicle.

It captures image of vehicles within its range, locate the number plate in image and convert the number plate value to text. Technology is highly compatible with digital images. Both Visible spectrum and Infra-red cameras would be used though out of two Infra-red befits for the perfect images under variable conditions. Finally, obtained number can be compared with the database to authorize the vehicle. In case, authorization process is invalid, it will generate alerts.

Long Range RFID Readers and Tags|Smart Parking|PARKnSECURE

PARKnSECURE Long range RFID readers are ideal for hands free commercial and residential vehicle access. Long range readers can easily be integrated with existing access control systems. Readers and Tags are the two components of the system, using them with the rest of our access control products makes it really easy to only let whom you want in and out of a property. All you need to do is equip the car with an RFID Tag and the RFID Reader can let them in. Long range readers have also be used by our customers to track vehicle movements and identification of equipments such as containers or storage bins.

PARKnSECURE is offering a wide range of parking solutions and RFID products with our R&D team continuously dedicated to designing customized solutions for our end customers. We offer a wide range of products for parking solutions which includes Long range, Short range variants that can be easily be integrated with existing applications with the decades of experience in the field of parking solutions.

PARKnSECURE RFID parking solution has perspective to provide a seamless, long distant and human free vehicle identification system that enables the secure entry/exit to parking lots and avoid unauthorized access..

CCTV Camera-Best security surveillance solution|PARKnSECURE

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Televisions are the need of today as they help you with video surveillance of your property. They transmit video feeds to a set of monitors where they can be monitored. Functionality is quite different from the television broadcast as the signal is not openly channeled though it supports point to multipoint (P2MP), point to point (P2P) as well as mesh wireless links. We can receive video feeds from all cameras but generally CCTV is used for those video cameras that are used for surveillance such as Office premises, Banks, Airports, and Other Places with high security

Access Control System | High tech security and safety system

Physical access control system depicting the solutions for managing and restricting the entry or exit door of a premise. It is a matter of who is accessing your facility, when the facility is accessed and for how long it is accessed. Door, parking gate, turnstile, elevator or any other physical barriers can be equipped with the access control device.

Traditionally, it was versed with the key and lock, which is now being replaced with credentials and electronic devices. Advanced electronic access control system is solving the limitations of mechanical keys and locks.

The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. Door will be unlocked for some predetermined fraction of time, when access is granted. Door will remain closed, when access is not granted. All of such action is recorded for monitoring purpose. It may generate an alarm if door is tried to be opened forcefully or it is kept open for a prolonged time.

Flap Barrier|Best Flap Barrier Solution Provider|PARKnSECURE

Flap barriers, widely called as Speed gates, optical turnstiles and speedstiles, are aesthetic, waist height pedestrian barriers usually with toughened glass or acrylic wings; used for lane/queue management, badge management, visitor management and restricting unauthorized individuals.It can be integrated with Biometric/RFID systems to become a fool-proof time attendance & Access control solution; recording authorized IN/OUT transactions and restricting unauthorized entries.

Flap barrier is designed to control pedestrian entering or exiting restricted areas, thus be used in the case of paid access to access public transport, a pay toilet, or to put a restriction on unauthorized access. This adds extra security and stops potential threats to enter in the premises.

Under vehicle scanning system | UVSS | PARKnSECURE

Modern aged UVSS system incorporates of high graded camera that captures the images underside of a vehicle. The captured images can be inspected by security authorized person or the process can also be triggered with third party control security system.

Vehicle inspection is a necessary and critical point of security system which cannot be ignored. Potentially harmful items can easily be carried or hidden underside of a vehicle. To avoid intrusive and interruptive method to inspect each and every vehicle, Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is ready to bring efficiency in the system

Automatic Vehicle Road Blocker in India | PARKnSECURE

Road Blockers also known as Rising Kerbs or Rising Steps are constructed from heavy welded steel section to provide sufficient strength to exceed any axle loads. These are made in such a way to give an impact resistant stoppage for vehicles. These are designed for a highly secured premise such as banks, embassies, bullion depots, cargo parks, ports and lorry parks. Such installations include parking which is prone to vandalism through to sites requiring protection from ram-raiding.

Road blockers are coined in order to provide a safeguard to the entrance points where there is a possible threat of vehicle attack and where high security is required. For premises requiring protection against vehicle attacks along with high security, hydraulic road blockers are preferred as they give you the unique solution and most security. Even if attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high acceleration, it is not possible to keep on moving for the vehicle due to the damage made on its front, bottom and wheels.

Security Bollards | Protect parks and Homes | PARKnSECURE

Security bollards have variable uses and are mainly used as physical as well as visual barrier. While creating a controlled traffic setting, it is providing protection to lives and properties. It is available in different shapes and sizes with different features suitable for different conditions. The whole range of these systems are specially designed to arrange traffic flow in the community, commercial areas, semi-pedestrian areas where traffic is restricted, in parking lots, and in residential areas, by limiting access to only authorized vehicular traffic and ensuring complete security for all time with continuous cycles and are ideal for anti-terrorism, high-level traffic control, commercial building entrances and exit.

Every building has its own specifications and needs in context of bollards. Knowledge of various types of bollards along with purpose of the use and conditions of ambience, you may have loads of choice, as impact protection is not the only factor to be considered. For example, perimeter barriers avoid the unwanted clutters; security bollards restrict vehicle access and allow pedestrian flow.

Hydraulic Tyre Killer|Spike Barrier|Tyre Buster|PARKnSECURE

Tyre killers are spike barriers which are operated by hydraulic. These are ideal for places which might be under attack by vehicles. These are put at entrance point and are composed of heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground; it operates like an access control barrier, it prevents the passage of unauthorized vehicles or it allows exit from a supervised area.

If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high-security applications, hydraulic tyre killer is one of the most secure systems. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it's not possible for the vehicle to keep on moving because of the damage is given to wheels and the rim of the vehicle. Drive unit is hydraulic, but in the case of power failure tyre killer can be lowered or lifted manually with the help of manual hand pump. These are made with the target to bring the vehicles to the situation of halt without harming any passengers as well as driver.

Tripod Turnstile|Access Control Security Solution| |PARKnSECURE

A tripod turnstile, also coined as turnstile or baffle gate, is such kind of gate which allows a single person to pass through at a time. Its benefits can be best shown to impose one-way traffic and to restrict the passage of people only who is using coin, ticket, pass or other such artifacts. This barrier is a good solution where there is requirement to control huge pedestrian traffic. Sourced with drop arm feature it allows free lane space for exit in case of emergencies/power failure with the arm dropping from its horizontal position. Turnstiles are often used for monitoring and counting the numbers of people passing through a gate. This helps security by restricting unwanted objects and potential trouble from entering the premises.

Tripod Turnstile

Door Frame Metal Detectors | PARKnSECURE India Pvt Ltd

A Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) is a metal detector fitted in a door to detect metal that may be hidden on the body of the person passing through it. Also known as "walk through" metal detector, it is widely applicable for screening at access point in Hotels, Airports, Malls, Multiplexes and various public visiting areas to detect the suspicious metals or weapons on human body.

The PARKnSECURE’s DFMD are one of the world’s finest walk through/door frame metal detectors and work on a superior pin point technology and unmatched discrimination features. It has a unique multi zone design which guarantees, first-rate performance to customers. It is capable of detecting trafficking of metals and arms, also people passing through it never have any inconvenience. It works on supreme pin point technology along with unmatched discrimination feature.

Comprising of all safety features, the PARKnSECURE’s DFMD are truly the first choice of metal security door for professionals nationwide. We have customized the solution according to Indian standards that sounds ideal for detecting any frisking or metal objects.

Hand Held Metal Detector|Excellent Scanner|PARKnSECURE

Hand held metal detectors are usually used by the security personnel, military and police to perform a non-invasive search of human for metallic items. On detection of any metallic items hidden on human body it will notify with a sound as well as vibration when working in silent mode.

Hand held metal detectors come with high sensitivity which gives you reliability and high detection along with performance. Some of the features of these hand held metal detectors include high sensitivity to all alloys, easily detects weapons and small metal objects, immune to external metal. The new hand held metal detectors also come with the latest security standards to meet the requirements of the security.

Baggage Scanner | X-RAY Scanner| PARKnSECURE INDIA PVT LTD

An X-Ray machine offers a simple solution for security personnel to scan the interior of bags and other items. X-ray baggage scanner machine befits perfectly for quick and thorough inspection of baggage and other materials. The transmit rate is highly accurate and has hundred percent detection rate. It can efficiently detect the potential dangers such as knives, explosives and other suspicious objects which may turn harmful for human lives.

Park n Secure - Sprung in Completeness

Sprung in Completeness

Future Fingerprint Scanner Will Check Body Temperature, Taking Security System to the Next Level

Days have not gone so far when we all were amazed by the fingerprint scanner technology integrated into our Smartphone. The technology is always on the transmogrifying state and now it is a thing of the past when fingerprint scanner was so rare to use in high-tech security laced places only in the form of access control system.

The foremost form of fingerprint scanner in Smartphone is optical fingerprint scanners used in 2011, time and technology have brought some more advancement and now ultra-sonic fingerprint scanners and under-display fingerprint scanners are integrated into Smartphone.

Visitor Management System: Before And After The Digital Revolution

People are becoming more tech-savvy and thus fascinating for advanced version in any field. Business is no more an exception; consequently, it also faces a challenging marketing environment. As an important segment of any business, visitor management system is also revolutionizing with the pace of the technology development. In order to enhance the business efficiency, it becomes very necessary to understand what visitor management system is, how it is changing with the time and why you should use it.

Access Control System: How It Will Be Useful For You

Access control system is a vital concern for the modern day’s security control system. In generic term, access control system or entrance control system is defined as the security technique which will put restrictions on access and decide who can access a building, area or facility. Security is one of the vital concerns for companies, whether it is a small firm or a large corporation. Moreover, security is a must-have factor for residential areas. For this purpose, access control system is gaining vast popularity, as it is capable of managing and control effectively every entry and exit. For example, it is very effective in managing and monitoring movements of personnel at workplace and widely used as office security system as well as home security solution.

Why You Should Take Care of Your Visitor Management System

In day-to-day of your life, it would be possible that various visitors may come to your facilities in different shapes and sizes. The list can be included of employee family members, business guest, new hires who are coming for interview, delivery person who can carry food ordered by your employee or any ordered items, contractor tradesmen for construction work or any repair work, or they may come to install new phone or new network in IT server room and so on. Some of them are regular visitors or some of them may visit your office for the first time.

It is very important to proffer them a friendly, welcoming and pleasant ambiance along with quick, accurate and efficient access to the facility. It is obvious that permanent employee and staff members have normal access to the facility; visitors require a unique processing for accessing the premises which are at utmost requirement because of security reasons. However, the optimal level of the security will depend on some factors including security profile of the facility along with the assets which will be accessed by the visitors.

10 Ways How Smart Parking System Can Help Us Grow In To Smart City

Present-day, smart parking system is gaining popularity across the world and now it has become the world’s fastest-growing smart city solutions. Airports, shopping centers, city garages, universities, residential parking lots and other commercial parking lots have begun realizing the pronounced advantages of automated parking technology. Actually, it is the Internet of Things, ability to connect analyze and automate data gathered from devices that make the smart parking possible.

Smart parking system involves implementation of real-time data, applications and low-cost sensors that helps users to search and find available spaces. The ultimate destination is to automate and tone down the time spent manually searching for the optimal parking lots, space or floor. Some solutions are intended to provide complete solutions and thus embedded with the complete suite of services including parking time notifications, online payments and even car searching functionalities for a significantly large parking lot. A smart parking system and solution provides benefits for both the user and the lot owner. Here are some of its top benefits:

Significance of Modern Approach of Parking Payment System

Modern approach of parking payment system evolutes to tone down the requirements of maintenance and staff for traffic control as well as payment processes..