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A list of different blog and news related to investment and money management

7 Tips for Young Professionals to Get the Most Value out of Peer Lending | Article Event

Top tips to get you started when lending your hard earned money which would help you gain better revenues along with a peaceful mind through Peer lending.

How can you lower your risks and how do P2P lending platforms help you in case of default? by Arjun Bhatia

Peer to peer lending is the new borrowing mechanism
which is taking the financial sector by a storm. It’s becoming very popular due
to its convenience, safety and high rate of returns. Peer to peer ...

6 Thumb Rules to Help You to Find the Best Investment Option - Trionds

These investment rules will not only help you to mitigate and reduce the risks but also help you earn more return on your investment.

Easy Loans Online: The Makeover of Peer to Peer Lending in India - Peer to Peer World

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Building Your Wealth with Personal Loans

Building riches begins with making low risk investments. You could break into your piggy bank or take a personal loan. Borrowing money can turn out to be fruitful as long as you know what you’re doing.

Top 8 investment Opportunities in India

Read this article to know more about different investment opportunities for small savings to get max return with low risk factor.

P2P Lending: A Win-Win Situation For The Borrowers And Lenders

Peer to peer lending is a model that in the course of the last half decade has demonstrated that it offers advantages to both the borrower and the lender.

Why P2P Investment is the Best Alternative Investment

Peer to peer lending companies offer services by operating online and therefore can run with a lower overhead compared to traditional financial institutions.

P2P lending is gaining popularity because of the potential of higher interest rates on investment. One can compare the interest rates offered by various financial instruments like FDs, bonds, etc and clearly see that the rate of interest offered by P2P loans (16% p.a.) is higher.

P2P Lending or Mutual Funds: Which Option is Better

Peer to peer lending is considered a lucrative investment and is fast emerging in the Indian financial marketplace. It offers a lot of advantages when compared to traditional investments. Mutual funds, on the other hand, are diversified in terms of options and are established as one of the mainstream investment financial instruments.

Things Investors should Know before Lending on the P2P Platform

Before investing, the lender should carry out the required due diligence to make sure that they are on the safer side.Below are the things which the investor should know before lending on the p2p platform. A P2P lending platform is an innovative way to invest your money and earn a monthly cash flow.

How To lend right with the correct p2p platform

There is an ample transformation in the investment space by peer to peer lending, where atech-led, highly lucrative alternative asset classes are coming to the fore front.

How can you gain the best investment opportunity with Finzy?

The investment opportunities have changed again. Peer to peer lending is being seen as an opportunity which is expected to give returns ranging from 18 to 22 per cent, according to the industry estimates.