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05 Must Visit Sites in Trincomalee – Gorgeous Harbour Town

Trincomalee is a beautiful port town steeped in history. The natural harbour there is listed as one of the world's most beautiful, and was often a safe port for the colonists in ancient times. Hence, 'Trinco' has many alluring sites to visit pertaining to both history and stunning environs.


Visit Koneswaram Temple

This is the one site all culture buffs visiting Trinco should not miss. A classical medieval temple cocooned in legend and tradition, the shrine is surrounded by famous Swami Rock and the Gokanna Bay as the Trincomalee harbour is called. The temple is considered one of the Pancha Ishwarams or rather one of the five abodes of the God Shiva, and is a cherished pilgrimage site for Hindus. Go there and listen to the stories about the 'Temple of a Thousand Pillars' how grand it was and how the colonists tried to destroy its might. Easy to reach from Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, close by Swami Rock is a picture-perfect lookout point, and also a daredevil site where many a lover is said to have taken their lives. Yes, this site has many stories worth listening to.


Fort Fredrick for a Taste of Colonisation

Fort Fredrick in Trincomalee is very similar to the one in Galle, meaning it was built by the Portuguese to be enhanced by the invading Dutch and was finally occupied by the British until the island gained independence. Today the fort is occupied by the Sri Lanka military which keeps a few of the ramparts open for visitors to explore. This attraction too is easy to reach from luxury Trincomalee beach resorts and one that should not be missed.


Enjoy Whale Watching in Trinco

Sri Lanka is a popular destination for whale watching, and one of the more popular spots for the species is Trincomalee. There are lookout spots around Koneswaram Temple or you can charter a whale watching tour via your resort in Trincomalee or a private operator. Whale watching season there is from May to October.


Explore the Fish Market

If you want to explore the local lifestyles and how they interact with each other, the vibrant fish market located near the main bus station in Trinco, will be quite a colourful affair. Understand how important the thriving fish industry is to the locals as you explore the market where, barracuda, tuna, squid and other varieties are sold off. An early morning excursion to the market is recommended for both securing the freshest catch and catching the market at its busiest.


Relish the Solitude of Manayaweli Bay

Manayaweli Bay is a lovely stretch of beach, where one can enjoy an early morning stroll once done with the fish market. It is here that fishermen first come to sell off their catch before taking the rest back to the market. Head over to the nearby 'Dhobi Tank' where you will see local women washing clothes in bulk, most likely as a service and business to the residents of Trincomalee.