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Headline for 5 Must Try Hamman Treatments in Doha - Top 5 Hamman Therapies to Experience in Doha
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5 Must Try Hamman Treatments in Doha - Top 5 Hamman Therapies to Experience in Doha

As an ancient form of skin cleansing that has truly stood the test of time, Hamman treatments are as fashionable today as they were back in the day. Here are 5 stages of this popular ritual.


Traditional Hamman Soaping Ritual

The first step in any Hamman treatment is the soaping ritual. A unique black soap variety is used in the ritual which is mainly performed to revitalize the skin and cleanse the pores from within. The black coloured soap is first lathered all over one's skin. The soap is a Moroccan invention and is made using black olives which are naturally high in vitamin D compounds. Soft and buttery in texture, the black soap works on different levels by exfoliating and enriching the skin with moisture and the pure goodness of black olives. Therapists take care to apply just the right amount of soap before escorting the spa goers to a sauna or steam room


The Hamman Sauna Experience

The steam room setting for a traditional Hamman treatment is not as high as a sauna encounter in a western spa. The temperature is not quite as hot although it is warm enough to expel toxins from the skin.


Massage and Scrub Session

Spa goers must remain in the sauna for a significant portion of time, until the skin feels malleable and soft. Then, the therapist step in to escort the soaped and steamed clients to separate treatment areas for the next portion of the Hammam ritual. The treatment rooms are usually equipped with heated beds. Then it's time for a vigorous scrub where the therapist uses special mittens and starts rubbing and massaging the skin in deliberate strokes. The scrubbing session is not meant to be painful as in the case of certain Turkish bath rituals so make sure your spa technician is not applying too much pressure or rubbing too hard. The pressure should be just enough to remove toxins and cleanse the body while massaging every part of the body gently.


Jacuzzi Time

The next phase of the Hamman treatment involves spending time in a Jacuzzi. After a scrub down, spa goers can relax for a few minutes in a warm Jacuzzi where the water is once again, not too hot but just warm.


Hammam Facial Massage

After spending some time in the Jacuzzi, it is then time for the Hammam facial. Clients will be lounging in a comfortable position while arms and legs are first massaged with a scented lotion. Then, the therapist proceeds on to massage the facial area with a rich moisturizer which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and radiant. Note that the main benefits of signing up for a Hamman experience are not only a glowing complexion and a vibrant skin tone but relaxation as well. The massage and sauna sessions as well as the facial massage all stimulate the blood vessels and improve circulation in every part of the body. This in turn relaxes the muscles and offers a deep sense of relief as the cleansing ritual as well as the removal of toxins leaves one feeling fresh and limber. Visitors signing up for a Hammam session at a Doha hotel spa whether it's at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels or any other will experience the benefits of this ancient cleansing tradition.