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5 Roller Coasters With Virtual Reality Every Junkie Needs To Try!

Are you a fan of virtual reality and roller coasters? Then, you must check out these roller coasters from around the world that have VR!


Alpenexpress Coastiality In Europa Park Austria

Riders can choose from five virtual reality experiences including Ed and Edda – The Mine Express (video is above), Sky Explorers, Schellen-Ursli, Paddington, and Alpha Mods P.D. To pull off this unique VR coaster experience, Europa Park collaborated with VR Coaster, Mack Rides, MackMedia, and Samsung.

The New Revolution In Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is one of the most popular virtual reality roller coasters. Wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets, riders try to save the planet from an alien invasion. In your own spacecraft, you battle the aliens, drones, and the mother ship.

Kraken Unleased In Seaworld Orlando

You explore the undersea world, see some sharks, and try to escape from the Kraken! This ride has 7 inversions and is Orlando’s only floorless coaster.

Galactica In Alton Towers Resort UK

This ride became the World’s first virtual reality roller coaster back in 2016. On it, you become a galactinaut who explores the universe and goes on a thrilling adventure.

SUPERMAN™ The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster In Six Flags New England

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! The ride’s story is that Lex Luthor used his anti-gravity gun and Lexbots to create chaos in Metropolis.