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We are India’s largest provider of Home Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Gold Loan, Xpress Loan, Insurance, Credit Card, Mutual Fund and much more. Compare and Apply on your fingertips!

Cheapest housing loan / home loan online in India

Life is gracious if we have a house to live. You may not have much of luxury, but if you own a small house, it is an achievement. To have this in life, banks and NBFCs have come up with a product called 'Home loan online'. They are willing to give to people who are in need and also who want to invest.

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Apply easily for best personal loan online in India

Cash is king in life. If you need something urgently and you get money to purchase or invest or spend for or a best utilisation for that, this situation is awesome. To have this in life, banks and NBFCs have come up with a product called "Personal loan online"�. They are willing to give a personal loan to people who are in need.

Looking for a cheapest personal loan in India? Visit MyFundBucket, you will get a list of online personal loan providers in India.

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Online apply for affordable business loan in India

Business loan helps traders, businessmen and professionals to start or expand their commercial activities. The loan can be secured against collateral in the form of property, finished goods, etc or can be availed without keeping any collateral security.

Business Loan can be availed for all business purpose like working capital requirement, purchasing of fixed assets, capacity expansion/ modernization, technology up-gradation, Research and Development or any other short-term requirement

Get an easy commercial business loan in India with MyFundBucket. We provide business loan online.

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Do you want to apply for loan against property in India?

Your home builds value both emotionally and economically with time. With MyFundBucket Loan Against Property you can leverage the economic worth of your home while continuing to enjoy occupancy of the same, so that you get immediate finance to meet a variety of personal and business needs.

To have this in life, banks and NBFCs have come up with a product called 'Home loan online'. They are willing to give to people who are in need and also who want to invest.

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Education is the only way for progress. But is today’s scenario, Education and especially Higher education has become very expensive. Specialized courses which ensure high salaries are also an expensive proposition and normally will be out of bounds for the common man because of financial constraints. An Education Loan can help fulfill these ambitions.

In simple words an Education Loan is the Loan provided by Banks and Financial Institutions for the sole purpose of funding an individual’s education within India or Abroad.

Apply Education Loan online through MyFundBucket. One stop solution for loans to all students.

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Gold loan is the fastest way to get funds for personal or business requirements. It offers loan against gold which will help to meet your financial need. Gold is a type of secure loan which is one of the safest and most liquid forms of commodity. You have to deposit gold with the NBFC or bank and you will be getting it back after you have paid back the full loan amount including interest.

The amount of loan will depend upon the value of gold you have surrendered. The value of the gold will be checked before the bank or NBFC deposit gold. So, why to keep gold in a locker, unlock the power of your gold without selling it.

Instantly get gold loan online in India through MyFundBucket. Compare and apply easily.

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Xpress Loan - quickly get personal loan online through MyFundBucket

Xpress Personal Loans as the name suggests, are designed to ensure that the customer gets express disbursal of the loan into his/her bank account within few hours of applying for the loan. These are small ticket size loans ranging from Rs.5,000 to Rs.2 Lacs. Get approval on loan within 1 day. Instant approval on loans | Easily get cash in your account

Compare and Apply for Credit Cards Online in India -

In the present time it is not feasible any more to carry a thick pack of bank notes and coins in one’s wallet not only from the security perspective, but also from the point of view of convenience. With deference to these issues, credit cards, also known as plastic money, provide a viable alternative and its use is on the rise. Rather than to give much desirable alternative to cash. Online apply for credit card at MyFundBucket, we are the best online credit card provider in India.

Project Loans Online In India

With the understanding of the complexities involved in financial matters associated with business operations, , is specialized and offers consultancy services related to project finance.Easily get project loans online in India through MyFunfBucket.

Banks provide term-loan programs that can offer small business who require cash for business work from month to month. Mostly, a small business uses cash to buy assets such as equipment for its production process.

The Term loan carries a fixed or flexible interest rate, with monthly or quarterly schedule with selected maturity dates. In order to reduce the risk of repayment term loan require collateral and a rigorous approval process.

Get term loan online through MyFundBucket. Loans available for short duration in India.

A working capital loan finances the daily operation of a company which is used to cover accounts payable, marketing, operations, funding production and provide cash for business expansion, etc. Mostly companies with high seasonality or cyclical sales rely on working capital loans.

Want working capital? Instantly get loan to buy working capital for short period of time in india.

Calculate Bank / Loan EMI online with our EMI calculator

The calculator helps you calculate the equated monthly instalments (EMIs) you have to pay the lender each month till the loan is fully paid. The EMI is based on your home loan amount, the tenure and interest rate. On a given home loan amount, interest rate and for a specific duration, the calculator will let you know how much EMI will be required to be paid. You can online calculate EMI for loan or bank at MyFundBuckets EMI calculator, with Interest Rate & Loan Tenure.