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Updated by amelia-grantny on Nov 22, 2018
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6 Reasons to Choose Large Windows for Your Home

If you’re in the process of designing your dream house, you should really consider adding large open windows the the house plan.




Windows are a big part of the overall design and with new advances in glass production, there’s never been more style and sizes to choose from. But when comparing glass walls to standard sized windows, the glass walls offer a number of benefits. We are going to explore six reasons why you should choose large glass windows for your dream home.


Natural Light

The bigger the glass walls, the more natural light shines inside, making your home seem more inviting. This is especially useful during the dark days of winter. Scientific studies have discovered that natural daylight raises our energy and moods. Plus, with a bunch of daylight shining into the rooms, you won’t need to turn on the lamps during the day. Overall, glass walls allow us to cut back on energy consumption and as a result, lower our energy bills.


Closer to Nature

Big open glass walls bring us closer to the nature outside our home. Large glass openings become the focal point of a room, allowing us to take advantage of the views of surround nature. Having glass walls, you in a way get rid of the barrier between you and the outdoors. Which can be really calming and restful.


Indoor/Outdoor Living

With large folding or sliding glass walls, you will have both and an outdoor and indoor living area. This is the perfect addition to decks, porches and patios. Allowing for an expanded entertainment area. The added flexibility that opening glass walls create, allows for more diverse lifestyle choices.


Passive Solar Heat

Another benefit of large glass walls and windows is their contribution to passive solar heat. Glass walls allow the sun’s heat into your home. This becomes very appreciated in the cold winter months. The extra solar heat will ensure a warmer house and smaller heating utility bills.


Spacious Feel

When having glass walls instead of solid ones, a lot more sunlight will fill the room which creates a feeling of open space. This will make your rooms seem larger in than they really are. Which is especially useful in the smaller homes.


Fresh Air

An opened large window allows plenty of fresh air and plant aroma to fill our house. The fresh air circulation will ventilate all the rooms and improve the indoor air quality. Since we spend 90% of indoors, having good and fresh air quality in our homes is really important for a healthier life.

Choosing large glass windows and doors for your new home is a great way to take advantage of the benefits it offers.