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Industrial Fabrication

structural steel fabricators in canada

Crimtech Services is a certified structural steel fabricator & industrial fabrication shop recognized throughout Western Canada for our expertise & 20+ years of experience to deliver the right solution. Head in to know more about us.

Preventing the Formation of Hydrates Using a Line Heater

At a specific combination of pressure and temperature, water molecules arrange themselves into structures known as hydrates. A natural gas hydrate is an ice-like form of water.

Meter Packages, The AER (Alberta Energy Regulator), and The BC OGC

The AER and BC OGC are regulatory bodies located in western Canada. Meter packages, also known as meter runs, are used to measure small flow rates with high levels of accuracy.

An Overview of Separators & Separator Engineering

Separators refer to the pressure vessel that is used to divide and differentiate the fluids that are produced from gas and oil wells into liquid and gaseous components.

Learn More About Flare Knockout Drums

Flare knockout drums are vessels in flare headers that remove & accumulate liquids that are condensed from gases. They are the primary component of a pressure-relief arrangement.

Line Heaters Oil & Gas

Also known as tankless heaters or indirect line heaters, oil and gas line heaters are widely used in different fields for various tasks.

The ABSA & Pressure Vessels

The ABSA is an authority that regulates the safety of pressure equipment. ensuring public safety and developing standards and programs related to pressure vessels.

Types of Pump Packages

A skid mounted pump package is a popular option compared to purchasing a simple pump. They include a pump, control panel, and driver such as a diesel engine or electric motor.

Free Water Knockout

A Free Water Knockout is a vessel that uses the concept of residence time to separate water from the production process. It is often the first step in an oil dehydration unit.

Fabrication Services

We provide efficient and reliable pipe fabrication services for large and complex pipe systems in the energy industry. We also offer pipe construction, assembly, and customization services.

The Alberta Energy Regulator

The Alberta Energy Regulator was formed as an Alberta corporation under the Responsible Energy Development Act. They aim to improve the efficiency of energy regulatory systems.

Orifice Meter | Types, Applications & Advantages

An orifice meter is a piece of equipment used to measure the flow rate of a gas or a fluid. It mainly consists of an orifice plate, an orifice plate housing, and a meter tube.

The Indirect Oil & Gas Line Heater and How it Works

The indirect fired heater is a device used to heat liquids or gas in a pipeline or well-stream. It is often used in gas transmission lines or flowlines found near a wellhead.

Design & Functions of a Flare Knockout Drum

A flare knockout drum is a vessel primarily used to remove any liquids or liquid droplets from the flare gas. They are an important safety device used in oil and gas processing.

Double Walled Tanks | Storage and Process Tanks & Equipment

Process and storage tanks have many applications in several industries such as chemical processing, petroleum production, oil and fuel processing, power generation, and more.

Glycol Dehydration Units - Design & Packages

Raw natural gas, when obtained from a reservoir, is saturated with water vapour. Industries typically use a dehydration process to remove water and water vapours from natural gas.

Everything About ASME U Stamp, R Stamp & Vessel CRN

An ASME certification or mark tells regulators, customers, and industries that your organization is committed to safety. It also shows your products are reliable and high-quality.

Oil & Gas Separators - Features, Components & Design

An oil and gas separator is a pressure vessel used for separating extracted fluids into liquid and gas. It is also known as a knockout vessel, scrubber, and stage separator.

Positive Displacement & Centrifugal Pumps

Skid mounted pumps include a driver such as an engine or electric motor, and a pump installed on a steel base. Positive displacement and centrifugal pumps are the popular types.

Burner Management System (BMS) | Functions, Components & Benefits

Starting up and operating a gas or oil burning heater can pose a safety risk to any facility. One way of controlling this is to install a Burner Management System.

What is CSA B149.3 and Why Should You Comply with the Code?

The B149 code was published in 1958 as a standard for gas-fired appliances and equipment. As of January 2015, it is part of the safety regulations in the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

How Does a Flame Arrester Work and What are Its Uses?

A flame arrester, as the name suggests, is a device used to stop a flame from entering into an atmosphere where combustible gases may be present and prevent explosions.

Indirect Fired Line Heaters

We have a wide range of line heaters, including indirect fired line heaters with varied specifications to help you prevent the formation of hydrates in a gas stream.

Meter Packages | Chemical Injection Package

Wellsite meter packages are used to measure natural gas production. These are used when the liquid‑to‑gas ratio is low and accurate measurement is not required.

What are Bubble Caps, Valve Trays & Structured Packing?

A glycol dehydration unit consists of several components, including a gas inlet, dehydration contactor, boiler, heater exchangers, pumps, bubble caps and valve traps or trays.

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