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Headline for Things you need for diving – What you'll need to explore the underwater world
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Things you need for diving – What you'll need to explore the underwater world

Diving has become so popular that it's become a way of life. Some divers plan their vacations just to go for diving. Here's a list of things that any diver will need to go diving.



The snorkel is one of the most important things that any diver will buy as it helps them breathe underwater without disturbing the serene ecosystems and schools of exotic fish. A flexible material like plastic or silicon is used to create the mouthpiece of the snorkel which is attached a tube that can strapped to the mask from different angles depending on what head position you will use for snorkelling.



Divers mask is another important item in any diver's kit as you won't be able to see anything underwater without one. The mask is made up of 2 parts: The mask skirt and the lens. The mask skirt is built from a self-adjusting material similar to silicon or plastic and it helps keep the mask glued to your face. The lens is made using a see-through material like silicon or plastic, which helps you see clearly underwater. There is a gap between your face and the mask which is filled with air when putting on the mask, this gap filled with air is what helps the diver see clearly underwater. Wearing the mask and snorkel to make sure it's a perfect fit is very important, if you want to be able to enjoy the diving experience fully.


Dive Computer

With diving becoming a popular sport across the world the price dive computers has dropped drastically. There are lots of brands and models to choose from but most models have the same basic safety functionalities. Dive computers come in handy when taking part in large diving expeditions and can help you find your bearings in case if you get separated from your group.



Wetsuits help keep you warm underwater. Though this seems unimportant you'll understand the importance of keeping your core temperature stable the deeper you dive in to the water. You can easily rent a wetsuit at most diving hotspots such as the Maldives. 5 Star Hotels in located around the archipelago similar to Adaaran Prestige Vadoo lets you rent them. Remember that the dive suit has to fit perfectly in order to keep you insulated.



Even though fins aren't a must-have for diving, wearing fins have proven to boost your confidence levels as a diver and to help you swim larger distances faster with less effort. Like normal shoes, fins coming in different styles and sizes you can choose from but, the most commonly used types being the open foot fins and the closed foot fins. The open foot fin is similar to sandals or a pair of heels; it covers the front of your foot and is locked on to your foot by a strap at the back. The closed foot fin, on the other hand, works like a pair of sneakers or running shoes; it covers your entire foot. In addition to helping you swim faster. Fins also protect your feet from any underwater accidents like hitting rocks or accidentally hitting corals.