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4 Things to Consider When Selling a Business

4 Things to Consider When Selling a Business.Speak to the experts at Shoebox Bookkeeping on some of the things you may need to consider when purchasing a business around the financials.

4 Things to Consider When Selling a Business – Shoebox Bookkeeping – Medium

Want to sell your business? Perhaps you've always had the idea to grow and sell businesses once they become attractive to potential buyers. Perhaps you've never had such a plan, but for some personal…

What is Cloud Based Computing and Do I Need It?

Cloud based computing is often used to store data in place of external storage technology. Without having to constantly buy and replace technology such as external hard drives, memory cards and USBs. Saving your documents to such site ensures that even if your physical hard drive is corrupted, your work remains intact.

What Does Bookkeeping Entail?

Bookkeeping is an essential component of doing business these days. Without it, you would find it hard to avoid penalties come tax season. Shoebox Bookkeeping is a provider of online bookkeeping services in Sydney businesses.

What Do You Need to Study to Become a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeping is a very good profession to consider if you are good with numbers. Bookkeepers are always in demand as small business owners rely on them for handling all of their accounts and balancing their books. Shoebox Bookkeeping is an Australian online bookkeeping service provider.

Australian Bookkeepers Network | Shoebox Books

Need a bookkeeper? Shoebox Books have bookkeepers who are passionate about helping you build your business and keeping your records up-to-date. We are an experienced Australian bookkeepers network helping businesses to manage their financial information.

How Internal Audits Can Help You Start the New Financial Year Right

Internal audits are very helpful for the prosperity and longevity of a business organisation. A tax audit gives insight into the performance of control procedures within the company as well as help determine ways of improving the company’s overall turnover and success. Shoebox Bookkeeping offers businesses in Australia the chance to get their bookkeeping done online.

Teaching Kids About Money: Part 2

Don’t forget that before you can empower anyone else with financial literacy, first you must empower yourself. Shoebox Books can help with this. Shoebox Books’ qualified and trusted bookkeepers are ready to help you and your small business become financially capable. Ask us about our services by contacting us online.

What are ETFs?

Are you looking to invest in ETF funds but are unsure about where to start? Shoebox Books company will help you in determining the best way to do your bookkeeping after you invest in your business and to meet your needs. Contact Shoebox Books today for more information.

What is General Ledger?

Are you looking for a helping hand in your business finances such as bookkeeping and auditing? Shoebox Books are specialists in providing various financial services, like bookkeeping, for businesses. Find your nearest bookkeeper from Shoebox Books company for more information.

What is Business Auditing? – Shoebox Bookkeeping

As a business owner, there are several things that you need to take care of, one of them being business auditing. Business auditing is a documented evaluation of a company’s financial records to determine whether they are accurate and correct. For many businesses, these audits are conducted every year or after a certain period. contact us...

Understanding Accounting: What is a General Ledger?

Let the bookkeepers from Shoebox Books give you a much needed hand with your business. With trusted and qualified bookkeepers available all around Australia, you won’t be too far from a helping hand. To learn more about Shoebox Books’s services, get in touch with us today.

To Audit or Not to Audit: A Guide For Small Businesses

Shoebox Books is a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable bookkeepers, accountants, and tax professionals across Australia. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your business

What are Good Credit Card Habits?

Good credit card habits will help you to have good spending, help reduce debts, raise your credit score, and improve your overall financial management habits. 

What are The Legal Obligations of a Small Business Owner? - Media/News Blog Article By Shoebox Bookkeeping

What Financial Knowledge Do You Need When Starting A Small Business? Starting a business can be an exciting thing to do. You get to be your own boss and potentially earn more money. There are several...

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Performing a business audit is something that many business owners put off amongst many other tasks on their to-do list. We get it, running a business can get pretty chaotic, but did you know that it may be a legal requirement for you?

Shoebox Bookkeeping — What Financial Knowledge Do You Need When Starting...

What Financial Knowledge Do You Need When Starting A Small Business? Starting a business can be an exciting thing to do. You get to be your own boss and potentially earn more money. There are several...

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Contrary to popular belief, it's never too late to start forming new habits as an adult! With the ‘prime time to form habits” myth debunked, there is really no bad time to start making healthy financial habits. Money can be a root problem for many families, individuals and couples around Australia, with the rise of Afterpay and other payment plan options facilitating debt and encouraging spending.

Shoebox Books National Franchise | Bookkeeping, Tax & Advisory

Shoebox Books is a national franchise providing professional bookkeeping services at a fixed price to help small businesses succeed by taking the stress out of book work, tax and providing financial advice.

Types of Income You Get When You’re a Retiree

There are several types of income that you will receive when you become a retiree. It is such a great relief to be making money even when you're in retirement. The extra income you get will help you live a comfortable life for the rest of your days.You can get a decent retirement income if you make some smart decisions in your working life. The type of income you get when you are a pensioner includes: 

Shoebox Bookkeeping — What Are The Main Tasks Of A Bookkeeper?

What Are The Main Tasks Of A Bookkeeper? A bookkeeper plays a key role in keeping track of all the financial transactions in a business. They maintain good accounting records in a ledger, keeping...

How to Keep Track Of Your Receipts – Shoebox Bookkeeping

Receipts are very important because they are proof of a financial transaction that occurred. To stay on top of your finances, it is important to keep track of your receipts. You do not have to spend a lot of time going through old receipts to determine whether the transaction was for business or personal use.…

What You Should Know Before Withdrawing From Your Super Fund

Despite being eligible for Age Pension when you reach 66 years of age, it may surprise you to know that there’s actually no such thing as a ‘retirement age’ in Australia. There are actually no laws that dictate when someone can retire. That being said, there are laws surrounding when you can access your super funds and when (or if) you can access Australia’s age pension.

Shoebox Tax | Tax & Accounting Services | Tax Returns and more

Shoebox Tax is an Australian Registered Tax Agency offering convenient tax services Australia wide! We can help to Tax & Accounting Services & set up company structures and advisory work and organise effective business structures to reduce your tax.

Master Keeping Track of your Receipts in 2021

For tax purposes, receipts are essential. Receipts provide evidence to large purchases you want to claim as work-related expenses. Master Keeping Track of your Receipts Shoebox connects you with your closest and most qualified bookkeeper to help you with financial matters relating to your business.enter link description here

  • Our concept is simple: keep all your receipts and invoices in your shoebox and we’ll do the rest! The aim? To help small businesses succeed by taking the stress out of book work & allowing them to focus solely on their goals.

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