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Things you need to go snorkelling – Gear up for an underwater adventure

Snorkelling is a popular sport that has gained a lot of popularity. For anyone who's interested in trying out the sport, here's a list of things you'll need to go snorkelling.


Where can you get snorkelling gear?

You'll find plenty of shops that sell snorkelling equipment near snorkelling hotspots like Maldives. Resorts in the area similar to Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, provide the equipment as part of the sports and activities it offers its patrons. Read on to know more about the gear you'll need for snorkelling.



The snorkelling mask is the tool that helps you to see the treasures beneath the surface of the water. Snorkelling masks have an empty area which is filled with air that helps your eyes see things clearly underwater. Selecting the right mask when snorkelling is very important, wearing the wrong mask could ruin your snorkelling experience and, in some cases, this can even cause injuries.
The mask composed of two parts; a mask skirt and a lens. The mask skirt is a self-adjusting material made out of plastic or silicon that helps keep the mask locked on to your face. The lens is a see-through material made of either plastic or glass that helps you see underwater. There are many variations of masks to choose from and each type of masks has its pros and cons.



Snorkel is a piece of tube that you put in your mouth and extends to the surface of the water which helps you breathe underwater. It cuts out the need for you to take your head out of the water and lets you swim nimbly as possible to avoid scaring schools of beautiful fish.

The snorkel is made-up of a mouthpiece designed using a flexible material which is attached to a tube, through which you will inhale air. The snorkel tube's barrel diameter will vary depending on if you're adults or a child as children and adults need to consume different amounts of air to breathe normally.



Fins are basically a pair of shoes that you wear under water that increase your swimming speed. You could snorkel even without fins but fins help you cover a larger distance in a short time and also help protect your feet when from injuries.

Fins come in 2 variations; closed foot fins and open foot fins. While the closed foot fin is worn like any normal footwear the open foot is like a shoe which is attached to your leg via a strap at the back of the fin.


Snorkelling vest

As the names suggest it is an inflated vest which helps you stay afloat. Although the main purpose of the vest is giving you the opportunity to rest and recuperate during long snorkelling expeditions it also acts as a safety precaution in case of a heavy current or if you get stung by a jellyfish. Vests are made in bright colours to catch the attention of nearby boats to avoid any collisions and for emergency rescue situations. They are also used by children and amateur snorkelers who aren't strong swimmers in order to keep them afloat while they see what lies beneath the surface.

There are 2 common vests designs; The Horsecollar vest and the Snorkelling jacket vest. The Horsecollar vest has an inflated tube that goes around your neck which holds the jacket around your chest and a strap that goes between your legs to lock in place. The Snorkelling jacket vest is a less commonly used option that uses fabric to lock the vest in rather than a strap.