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Teng Medical Foundation, P.C.

As a primary care and acute care clinic, we are able to attend to the health management needs of all family members, young and old.

Care Services You Can Avail from a Family Doctor in Lincoln, California

Are you an immigrant or from another state who wants to settle down in California? Are you bringing your entire family with you?

4 Important Care Services to Ensure Your Family’s Healthy and Happiness

You don’t actually need to wait for someone in the family to get sick or admitted to the hospital. It’s a well-established fact that prevention is better than cure. That is why it would be wise to visit a family doctor regularly and ask for tips and help on how to make sure your family stays healthy all the time. If you’re living in California, visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California and avail of the following services:

The Science and Art of Meal Planning for Weight Control

Contrary to the popular belief that eating for weight control is a punishment, there’s actually a way to come up with a healthy menu without feeling deprived of good food. By visiting a family physician in California, you can get insights on weight control, especially on the science and art of meal planning for the entire family.

7 Timeless Weight Control Tips Everyone Can Follow

The surest way to maintain a healthy weight is to seek help from a reliable family care doctor in Lincoln, California.

Family Physician | Acute Care Services | Lincoln, CA

Teng Medical Foundation, P.C., a family care doctor in Lincoln, offers acute care services to help patients remain safe and independent at home.

3 Compelling Reasons Senior Citizens Need a Nutritionist-Approved Diet

Unlike their younger selves, senior adults are now probably experiencing chronic degenerative diseases. And in this stage of their life, their health can be extremely fragile. Are you fully aware that nutrition has a significant effect on the overall well-being of senior citizens? If you still need guidance on this matter, contact a local family care doctor in Lincoln, California. The physician will explain further the following most compelling reasons to have a nutritionist-approved diet for your elderly loved ones:

Lifestyle Medicine: What it is and Why it is Important

Did you know that the main reasons for mortality today are chronic diseases brought about by environmental factors and lifestyle? Research shows that cardiovascular failure and cancer are lifestyle-related diseases that are actually preventable. Recent studies also suggest that lifestyle medicine is an effective way to prevent these illnesses.

Chronic Degenerative Diseases Senior Citizens Experience

As a concerned relative, it helps to be aware of the common degenerative diseases your elderly loved ones might experience. This will allow us to address their needs or know when to take them to a reputable family care doctor in Lincoln, California if they need urgent medical attention.

Arthritis – Although commonly misunderstood as a single disease, arthritis actually refers to health issues affecting the joints. Joint swelling, warmth, tenderness, and stiffness are the signs of arthritis. Patients with arthritis need to take medications or supplements rich in omega-3, chondroitin, and Glucosamine to manage or minimize the pain.

Palliative Care: What It Is and Who Can Benefit from It

Do you have an elderly loved one living with you at home? Do you have relatives who are suffering from serious medical conditions such as cancer and congestive heart failure? If you do, it would be good to go to a family care doctor in Lincoln, California and let them receive palliative care.

Teng Medical Foundation, P.C. - Primary and Acute Care Services - Lincoln, California

If you have loved ones at home who are in need of a family care doctor, let Teng Medical Foundation, P.C. give them the assistance they need.

Understanding Diabetes: What Are Its Signs and Causes?

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases today. But, did you know that diabetes is actually a preventable disease? Yes, this health condition is actually due to lifestyle and other factors. And the best way to prevent diabetes is to visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California to give you tips on what to do and what to eat.

Medical Care | Services | Lincoln, California

Teng Medical provides a friendly and compassionate atmosphere to serve people of all ages, from the very young to our senior citizens. Our family medicine center combines the latest in technology, medical diagnosis and treatment, with the time proven personalized approach with you as the focus of our patient centered care. Whether it is an urgent problem, preventive health screening, wellness check-up or persistent medical condition that is a concern to you, Teng Medical is here to help.

Effective Ways to Avoid or Minimize the Signs of Diabetes

For most cases, diabetes is a result of lifestyle choices, especially in poor food choices and inability to pick up a regular exercise routine. If you or a loved one is suffering from diabetes, visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California immediately to seek treatment and therapy. Aside from visiting a doctor, you can also do the following lifestyle changes to minimize the signs if not to prevent diabetes:

Well-Child Visits: What Are They and Why Should You Avail of Them?

Childhood is such a crucial stage of development, considering that children have such fragile health at this time. This is the reason why you should visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California for well-child visits.

What Is a Well-Child Visit?
The purpose of a well-child visit is to keep track of your children’s vital statistics and health as closely as possible. Specifically, this type of checkup should keep track of the height, vision, weight, and physical exam procedures. For first-time parents, this is very important, considering that you don’t have much knowledge about taking care of a child. Through regular well-child visits, you can get suggestions from a reliable family physician in California on how best to take care of children.

Emergency Medicine | Contact Us | Lincoln, California

Visit Teng Medical Foundation, P.C., a family care doctor in Lincoln, California, for exceptional medical care! Our doctors and staff can help you with your health concerns, be it a sudden illness, or if you have difficulty managing a chronic illness. At our clinic, we also provide preventive care, such as annual physicals check-ups, well-child visits, sick visits, and immunizations for both children and adults.

4 Compelling Perks of Preventive Healthcare

Did you know that most chronic diseases are actually preventable? For instance, research shows that cancer, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and diabetes can actually be prevented with some tweak in your lifestyle. Studies also point out that preventive healthcare can save you from the toll of these diseases. Visiting a family care doctor in Lincoln, California regularly for checkups, picking up a healthy lifestyle, and stress management are great ways to avoid chronic diseases.

What Immunizations Should You Give to Children?

Babies are born with built-in protection called antibodies. They also get more antibodies from breast milk. But these two types of protection are both temporary. Vaccination or immunization is necessary to ensure newborns will develop immunity to some diseases.

Aspects of Preventive Healthcare You Should Know About

Did you know that hospitalization affects more than the health? Above all else, the hospitalization cost can drain your family’s budget, which can lead to emotional stress. This is the reason preventive healthcare is rising as a better alternative to curative medicine.

Pediatric Care Insights: Health Conditions of Toddlers

Children need special care and attention considering that their immune system isn’t fully developed yet. It’s best to visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California for well-child visits regularly. By doing this, you’ll know their health status even before they get sick.

Surefire Ways to Ensure Your Children’s Health

With their fragile immune systems, you need to be extra careful about the health of your little ones at home. The best way to go is to visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California regularly for check-ups and vaccinations.

Partner with a Family Doctor for Your Family’s Health

Suffering from a health condition or watching a loved one suffer from a chronic disease is never an easy feat. The cost of hospitalization could also burn a hole in the pocket. But here’s the good news! If you’re in California, you can find a family care doctor in Lincoln, California, that advocates family health and can help you maintain the holistic wellness of your family.

Effective Ways to Make Your Family Love Healthy Foods

Aside from visiting a reputable family care doctor in Lincoln, California to seek expert guidance on health, it’s also wise to encourage your family into developing healthy eating habits. Remember that healthy food choice is the foundation of long-term happiness and health.

Senior Care Insights: Tips on Positivity for Seniors

It’s easy to feel sad and lonely when your loved ones and friends are living far away. Add that to the fact that your muscles and bones are already aching as you’re not as healthy when you were young. This is how seniors usually feel. And this feeling of sadness and loneliness can lead to depression.

Lifestyle Adjustments for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease can be due to a lot of factors, the most common of which are lifestyle and genes. Except for those who have congenital kidney failure, this health condition can actually be prevented. If you have a loved one with this health concern, be sure to visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California immediately for appropriate medical care. You can also encourage your loved ones to make these lifestyle adjustments to minimize the signs or avoid kidney failure:

Stress Management as an Inclusion of Lifestyle Medicine

Stress is a silent killer; it causes different health conditions and aggravates existing health problems. Specifically, studies point out that stress is one of the leading causes of diabetes, heart disease, headaches, and obesity. Considering the inevitability of stress, it’s best to visit a family care doctor in Lincoln, California to ask guidance on how best to cope with stressful situations. One of the services you might like to avail that includes stress management is lifestyle medicine.