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Actionable time saving tips that you can implement NOW

Do you want to save time and waste less time ? This post will provide a comprehensive and actionable guide to help you save time in different areas of life !



Cut shower time

Showering for too long is bad for our skin anyway


Have a set of versatile cloth that can match with another effortlessly

Have a set of versatile cloth that can match with another effortlessly

By doing so, we can save time by just randomly grabbing any clothes from the wardrobe and the clothes will match each other effortlessly


Watch less TV and movies

TV and movies may not help you achieve your dream and will consume a lot of your time. If you are looking for forms of entertainment that are more meaningful,


Use more online shopping

Then you don’t need to go out. Time saved.


Organise your stuff

You will be able to find what you need faster, so you can save time!

And a clear environment gives you more space to work.



Focus on what is important. Do what is the most important FIRST !!!!


80/20 rule

Center all your effort in the 20% of tasks that brings 80 % of the benefits/satisfaction


Optimize sleep

Only with proper sleep can you refresh your mind and reinvigorate your body, so that you have the energy to do what you need.

And since we have to sleep anyway, why don’t we make the process more efficient and get more out of the same amount of sleep


Don’t read unnecessary materials

ONLY read what you need and what help you in achieving your goals.

Reading unnecessary material doesn’t provide you with the information you need !!! It only wastes the time that you can use to do something productive.


Make good use of commute time

The commute time wasted on doing nothing does add up.

Use the time to read books, listen to audiobooks, organize your phone, talking to our friends and family, or come up with a business idea that will generate you extra income…



Let others do the tasks that aren’t worth your time


Give up on things that don’t work / worth the time spent

Keep working on things that don’t work won’t help you achieve anything

Stop investing any time in them !!!!!


use a digital note for easy organization and access

Hence, you don’t need to spend extra time organizing your notes into different categories and you can add new information to anywhere on any page you want.

You can also read your notes on the go and search for any page of notes you need.


Learn to use note taking apps to handle your job better

We all need to jot down some information in our job or study, so it is important to learn more about the functions of note-taking apps that we use in order to maximize our efficiency when taking notes, hence letting us save time.


Don’t procrastinate.

Procrastination will drive you to do something not important instead of doing what you need to do.

Time spent on doing what doesn’t matter = wasted

Save time by doing what is useful!


Unsubscribe from YouTube channel you no longer watch

So that your YouTube free will only be filled with useful video


Check social media only for a limited amount of time at a fixed time period

Social media is a great distraction and we may get lost in it


Use a password manager

Auto password fill in, password save

Never need to deal with forgotten passwords or weak passwords being cracked


Avoid argument when Possible

You need to spend more time fixing your relationship after an argument

An argument doesn’t solve problems/ resolve conflicts


Have a bucket list

Becoming more goal oriented will ensure that you only work towards and only do what will bring you maximum satisfaction ( your bucket list items )

This will save time on your journey of life


Don’t overthink about what others think

Most of the time, what is in other’s mind doesn’t matter


Take action

Knowing all the knowledge in the universe will get you nowhere if the information is not implemented


Turn off notification access of all that you don’t need notification from

Don’t let the unnecessary notification disturb you


Have a fast phone

Your phone is the electric device that you use the most


Have a fast internet

Your device needs to work under an internet so as to access the fiction you need