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Home Health Services

Advant Home Health Services, Inc. is a licensed and certified home health care agency that is committed to providing comprehensive and exceptional professional quality care to the elderly, the disabled, the injured, and persons with debilitating illness.

Seniors Need Their Personal Hygiene

To maintain good health, your elderly need to follow proper routines for personal hygiene. As a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas, Advant Home Health Services, Inc. offers trained home health aide to personally assist your loved ones with activities for personal hygiene such as:

Cases Where Seniors Might Need Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is simple. It’s to make seniors' daily activities easier. Therapists create unique treatment plans composed of various methods to help restore movement and alleviate pain.

Importance of Detecting Early Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is a condition that affects the majority of seniors. It is characterized by a decline in mental functions, particularly memory. As the condition progresses, it can eventually pose danger to the patient and family members.

Managing Early Symptoms of Dementia Among the Elderly

Dementia is a condition that affects many seniors. Our physical and mental functions will eventually deteriorate along with age. However, it can be riskier for people who have dementia.

Consider This When Choosing a Home Care Provider

Being surrounded by people we love and living in a place that provides us with the utmost comfort is a factor in healing or recovery. For this reason, some people would prefer home health care in Texas instead of getting admitted to hospitals or living in assisted care facilities.

Providing the Support Every Senior Needs

Reaching the golden years can be hard for some people. Seniors’ mental and physical functions become limited and they often feel like they’re losing control of their life. These challenges can make them feel depressed.

Learn How Seniors Can Benefit From Physical Therapy

Seniors often struggle with limited range of movement due to old age, lack of physical activity, and chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. Fortunately, home health agencies like Advant Home Health Services, Inc. provide physical therapy programs to help seniors recover or cope with life-changing conditions to improve mobility.

Discover Uplifting Activities for Seniors With Limited Mobility

As older adults step into their golden years, they tend to lose mobility as a result of conditions like arthritis or stroke. According to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 40% of seniors have at least one disability, with two-thirds stating they have difficulty climbing and walking.