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Headline for The essentials for boating – How to make the most out of your time on the water
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The essentials for boating – How to make the most out of your time on the water

Can't wait to get off the land and spend the entire day on the boat? Here are some tips on how to prepare for your boat ride and make the most of your time off the land.


Food and water

Carry plenty of drinking water and food items that can be eaten without much hassle. Store food items in a dry location just in case of dicey weather or rough waters.


A Waterproof camera

You're definitely going to see things that words can't describe and you will certainly need to take snaps to share your experience. So make sure to buy a waterproof camera. There is a high chance of the camera getting wet or you dropping it in the water accidentally hence, it's always better to have a waterproof camera. In case you can't afford to buy a waterproof camera or don't see the point of owning one, fear not! You can purchase waterproof casings for cheaper prices to protect your camera or phone from any water damage.


Check your coverage

Ensure you're in range of mobile coverage in case of an emergency. If you plan on venturing far from land into the sea make sure you get on to a vessel that is equipped with a marine radio.


Change of clothes

You can't always trust weather forecasts and you might end up soaking wet on a day where your weather forecast said it's going to bright and sunny, hence having a change of clothes can come in handy.


Basket Cooler

Bringing a basket cooler on your trip is a good way to keep your refreshments nice and cool especially on a warm day. Take an extra cooler if you want to take back any of the fish you may catch while you're boating.


First aid kit

You may never know what will happen when you are off the land and a well-stocked first aid kit will definitely come in handy to take care of any injuries while operating the boat or fishing. Scissors, cotton balls, gauze, tweezers, motion sickness pills and pain relievers are some of the recommended items that you should have in your first aid kit.


Fire extinguishers

Check the expiry date of the fire extinguisher and learn how to operate it. Some countries have a mandatory list of equipment when operating a boat so it's better to check and comply with the law.



Before you set sail make sure that your boat's registration is up to date and you've obtained the necessary permission to operate the boat. If you're going fishing it's always better to ask around to verify if you need to get a fishing licence or get permission from the local government body. Some countries/cities even have laws making it mandatory that you have a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on board your boat and use specific visual distress signals in case of an emergency so being aware of the regulations is a must do before setting sail.
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