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Unexpected Products That Destroy Your Gums Everyday

“We are what we eat” – these words are so true. The food we consume influence our body much more than we may think. All of our internal organs are influenced by the substances we consume. Those influences can be either good or bad, depending on what we eat.




Our oral health is one of the first spheres where this influence begins to show because it is the first point of contact with the food. It undergoes double influence – from the outside, when we put food into it and from the inside, because of the changes brought in by the food nutrients. This is why what we eat is especially important for our teeth and gums.
There are products that make our gums stronger and healthier, those that are neutral and those that are harmful for them. You may be surprised to discover what belongs to the third group, because some of these products are considered healthy.


Ice cream

Those who have sensitive gums (which is a gum disease symptom) know how unpleasant it can be. Besides, ice cream contains sugar that is a well-known enemy of healthy teeth and gums. It creates perfect conditions for bacterial multiplication and boosts the acid production. If you eat it sometimes, it is okay but brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after.



They are known as the source of antioxidants and considered a healthy food. Still, they contain acids that are aggressive to the surface of the gums and dental enamel. You can eat them together with acid neutralizing products like mozzarella, lean beef, chicken, nuts, lentils or tuna. If you eat tomatoes alone, rinse your mouth after.



They contain acids too and a lot of natural sugar harmful for teeth and gums. Oranges are considered an important vitamin C source but there are others too. The non-acidic alternatives are broccoli, asparagus and peas; among fruit, there are kiwi, melon and cantaloupe.



Any products that contain big amounts of simple carbohydrates are just as harmful as sugar. They actually turn into it when they stay on your teeth and gums after the meal, and provide bacteria with enough food to become a problem.


Energy drinks

We have the same issues here – sugar and acids. The concentration is so deadly that consuming them for five days in a row is enough to start destroying your teeth and gums. If you want one, choose the ones that are sugar-free and do not forget to rinse your mouth afterwards. The best thing you can do is choose water instead.



Perhaps you have heard about the harm it brings to teeth, but did you know that brushing your teeth after it can make even worse? The acids in coffee is so aggressive that you have to wait for an hour and only then you can brush, floss or rinse your mouth.

Now you know your hidden enemies and know how to neutralize them. Have a healthy mind in a healthy body!