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Infant Day Care Center

Creating Bond with Your Infant’s Mentor

Being a parent you should build a strong relationship with your little ones mentor and get to know about your child’s habits as well as the teacher’s working and abilities to tackle mischievous behavior at the daycare.
Camelot International Infant Care Singapore is the safest daycare center you would love your little ones to leave in safe hands, experienced teachers, fabulous training and nurturing activity programmes.
To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Infant Daycare Center A Better Option Than Babysitters In The Town!

A child care center is the safer place compared to a babysitter at home. At home, a baby can be left playing in the cradle or in front of a TV there are no learning opportunities possible with the babysitter than in an infant care center. A daycare center is usually better than an impatient parent or disinterested babysitter. If a babysitter gets sick or late that affects a parent’s routine but not in the case of infant center it opens on time and closes on time without any hurdle in between hours.
To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Catering Solid Food Habits in an Infant

Infant care centers takes care about all such eating habits and other necessity of the infants. These daycare centers adapt the best technique to cater proper care of babies and parents can go to their work with full assurance.
To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Teach Your Infant to Sleep

Getting your little one to sleep can be a big task! Babies are known to have irregular sleep cycles through the first year of their birth.
Many times, new parents need guidance to know how to take care of a baby. The best way is to go to an infant day care centre. If you are looking for an exceptional Infant child care Singapore; visit Camelot International Day Care Centre. Take a look at our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Games to Play with Your Infant At Home

A child’s development is based on the amount of love and warmth it gets in the initial stages of life! An infant should be involved with activities to grow Socially, Emotionally and Physically. By the time of six months, your child will start smiling, enjoying playing with people, communicating through babbles and have active face and body movements.

Sensory Skills That Help a Child’s Development Phase

Infant care centers help prepare your child for worldly interactions, they provide your little one with engaging, nurturing, and explorative environment. A child learns to develop its skills one’s away from home an infant socializes at an early age if kept in a proper day care center Singapore.

Development Stages of Motor Skills Infant's Life | Camelot

At Camelot, Infant care center development of motor skills is encouraged in daily activities. The educators guide the development process of an infant by making the environment creative and with safety measures of the toddlers. A curriculum that defines development at a steady pace is designed at the child care center Singapore.

How to Enhance Language Development in Babies

There are some developmental skills that only a parent can teach their little one before putting in an infant care center Singapore or directly to a preschool. Doing so will make them cranky as they are not trained to hear instructions or understand a word said to them, your child can learn a lot before he reaches 1 year age. Push them towards challenges from the very beginning to make their future smooth and easy to communicate with pears.

How an Infant Care Center Keeps Your Child In Motion?

As a parent you have concerns about your child’s learning and upbringing, in this beautiful journey Camelot Infant Care Center Singapore helps your child in feeling every possible emotion of a happy childhood. Our team is well-trained and experienced in improving your child’s attention span, the importance of their body, organize its daily routine, and more.
To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Get Your Child Halloween Ready!!

Halloween is round the corner, being a new parent you will likely be more focused on finding the perfect costume for your baby and sending it to the infant care center Singapore to celebrate the very first Halloween with its mates. To make it simpler for you we have listed some cool costumes, wearing these will not bother your child to roam around in the daycare center and play activities around.

Best Playgroup and Pre-Nursery in Singapore

Camelot Infant care Center starts Preschool & Nursery from 1st November 2018. Get register your child in our first batch. Call on 62820608 or Visit our centre Today for more information.

Help Your Child Recognize and Express Its Emotions

The journey of emotions is a roller coaster ride for some toddlers and for some it is an overwhelming experience to understand the complexities of emotions. There will be times that your child may get frustrated through emotional outbursts or have a hard time calming down. Infant care centres will come to your rescue as they are trained to handle every child’s mood swings and would make you understand how to handle your child in identifying and learning “emotions journey.”

Camelot International To Open New Playgroup In Serangoon

Camelot International Infant Care (since 2010) is set to announce “Camelot Playgroup.” We are happy to launch a new toddler developmental milestone in the form of preschool commenced from 1st Nov, 2018. They are located at the same place block 301 Serangoon Ave 2 #01-342 Singapore 550301 (2nd Floor). A holistic curriculum, hands-on learning that caters to each child’s developmental needs and pace.
Call on 62820608 or Visit our centre today for more information.

Importance Of Playing With Blocks At Infant Care Centre | Camelot

Block building at infant care centre Singapore help in developing gross and fine motor skills, also improves cognition. Blocks come in different shapes and sizes with limitless building possibilities. As children go older, they develop new ways to creatively build blocks and bang them on the floor once they have finished playing. A sensory development skill forms into toddlers as they feel block texture, color and their unique sounds.

Best Pre-Nursery and Playgroup in Singapore | Camelot

Camelot International Infant Care Centre has broadened its vision and announced “Camelot PlayNursery” for 18 months-3 years old. In playgroup learning is naturally more structured and integrated to develop life skills, correct attitude and academic achievements.

Camelot Infant Care Centre A One Stop Destination For Better Child Upbringing!!

Are you looking for best infant-care centres are in Singapore than you are at right place at Camelot infant and toddler care centre has been designed to specifically encourage growth in your child. A good infant-care centre makes sure your baby is always attended to and never left alone. Best Child Care in Singapore with profound educarers and specific child enrollment for proper guidance & care
Call on 62820608 or Visit our centre Today for more information.

International Infant Care Singapore | Baby Day Care Centre

Camelot International Infant and Toddler Care Centre provides quality child nurturing educational service in Singapore to children aged between 2 months to 3 years. This Center provide full day and half day care programme for infants and toddlers.
Call on 62820608 or Visit our centre today for more information.

About Camelot: Infant Care Services Provider | Camelot

We believe that each child develops at his/her own pace. Rest assured that your child will receive the most appropriate skills and education he/she needs.
Our staff is well-trained, passionate and committed. We strive to provide a warm, safe and caring environment for your child.
To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Infant and Toddler Curriculum | Preschool Childhood Education | Camelot

Our academic curriculum immerses young minds in a stimulating, caring and age-appropriate environment. Here are some of our services and courses to help parents begin a new life with their baby, settling into Motherhood and Fatherhood, encouraging a progressive development for primary school with a disciplined set of skills.

Infant Development Programme | Child Health Programme: Camelot | Camelot

Our infant care programme offers customized routine care (feeding, playing, bathing, resting, diapering) and activities based on the individual needs of the babies.
To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Camelot International Infant Care Admission Process

Camelot Infant Care offer full-day and half-day programmes, open to all children aged 2months to 3 Years.
Visit our centre now and know our educarers and the place! To learn more visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Contact to Camelot International Infant Care Centre

Camelot Infant Care, situated at Serangoon Ave 2 is just 3.5km away, 6 min drive from Bartley Road.
For more Information visit our website or call on (65) 6282 0608.

Benefits of Playtime at Infant and Toddler Care Centre | Camelot

Importance of playtime at nursery: It helps children to balance their mental and physical strength and serves their educational, social and emotional aspects, too.

Toddler Playgroup in Singapore, Hougang | Childhood Education Centre: Camelot

Camelot Infant care centre in Singapore offer an Interpersonal Preschool curriculum that emerges from each child’s unique skills development and social skills interests. Based on daily observation it provides the future academic growth.

Infant Care at Its Finest: Child Care Centre Singapore | Camelot

At Camelot Infant Care, we partner with parents in their child's learning journey to help them develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.