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Investing in a mutual fund scheme? Here’re The 4 Things You Need to Know

When we talk about mutual fund investments, it’s important for mutual fund investors to understand the basic concept of mutual funds. Although, with so many mutual fund schemes out there, it’s like a challenge to choose the right mutual fund scheme. Thus, you need to do an endless number of checks before coming to a decision of choosing one mutual fund scheme that meets your requirement and gives you better returns. Here’re the few things you need to keep in mind before investing in a mutual fund scheme.

My words — Difficulties in Dematerialisation

Making the regulation for the dematerialisation of the market and allowing for all kinds of physical certificates to be converted into dematerialised certificates was aimed at increasing transparency in the market. The SEBI was also fully aware of the multiple possibilities of fraud and scam that could happen with the presence of physical certificates. For this reason, dematerialisation was also aimed at reducing the risk of fraud.

3 ways to Invest in Mutual Funds - beBee Producer

While the investor market came with its issues such as fraud and the sad truth of entry loads, the market now looks brighter. With the scrapping of entry loads, there have emerged new forms of purchasing mutual funds. Having an advisor is not the sole way of purchasing mutual funds. Making it a more conducive source for the investors, now there are numerous ways one can invest.

Top 6 Benefits of Using a Credit Card - beBee Producer

A credit card is basically a card issued by the financial company which gives a holder an option to borrow funds anywhere, anytime. Know more.

Demat Account: A Beginner’s Guide

Demat account is the first essential step towards becoming an investor/trader. As per SEBI rules, a demat account is a mandatory requirement for anyone wishing to trade in the stock market. But what is demat account? Read on to know more about.

4 Things to Consider Before Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investment is one of the most favoured ways to create wealth, especially for beginners. In fact, mutual funds have emerged as one of the most preferred investment options in the last few years. So, for those who have decided to invest in a mutual fund scheme, the next important step is to select a scheme that will help you to meet your financial goals. Here’re the following things you must consider before deciding on a particular mutual fund scheme –

Top 4 Benefits of Having a Demat Account in India

Dematerialized account or dematerialized is an account that allows investors to hold their stocks in an electronic form. For any investor, experienced or new, it is compulsory to open a demat account if he or she wants to buy or sell shares through stock exchange. Here’re the few benefits of opening a demat account.