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A list of different android, ios smartphone companies and models

Panasonic India

Panasonic India Is playing a major role in integrating new age technology with the life of every customer. Through this Panasonic India is not contributing towards the development of the nation in the sector of Technology but is also building necessary awareness amongst the consumers.

Eluga A4, Explore More to Find your True Self

This article talks about the latest smartphone launched by Panasonic, The Eluga A4 which comes under the much celebrated Eluga series.

Eluga I5, Sleek design for a better performance – Puja Surewala – Medium

Nowadays, it’s not who you are or what you do, but what you carry that represents you. Smartphones have become a style statement now and not just a medium to communicate. Many brands have been in…

P95 - Stay Fast, Stay Secure | Niki's Blog

Nowadays, our lives are running so fast that we always need to stay updated with our surroundings. We don’t want to just survive anymore because we always want to exceed in everything we become a part of. Similarly, in the race of technology, there are many brands out there who are competing against each other, but only a few are there who are not merely surviving in the race but they are constantly building smartphones to win the race.

Eluga A3 Pro, So Much to Do by Richa D.

a world where everyone desires to be on top and leave an impact on the world, people
look out for the best of everything, be it lifestyle, clothes or smartphones.

Panasonic P101, Let Nothing Come in the Way

This article talk about the Panasonic P101, which comes under the renowned P series of Panasonic Smartphones In India

We keep complaining about our phones every now and then, like “The screen size is too small, it’s not sufficient and many other things”. The Eluga Ray 550 comes with a 14.4cm (5.7”) BIG VIEW HD+ IPS display which provides you with extreme clarity.

Eluga A3 Pro, So much to Do

Technology, as we know, keeps on changing. Every other day we get to know about a new innovation or upgrade in the digital world. There are many brands out there who are always making smartphones which are packed with the latest features, coupled with the latest technology. 

P95- Stay Fast, Stay Secure

Over the last few decades, technology has been creating a revolution all around the world. Always creating a bridge between the problems like communication g...

Best Smartphone Processors Of 2018

In this article, we’ll talk about the best & latest smartphone processors which are currently creating a hype in the industry and can deliver you an unbeatable smartphone experience.

Best smartphones featuring wireless charging

Wireless charging technology is steadily gaining traction in the Indian smartphone market, and this article aimed to clear the fog from the options available to you while you buy the next wireless-charging enabled smartphonefor yourself.

Best Smartphones with revolutionary AI cameras

Today, our smartphones have made point-and-shoot cameras redundant. Actually, it won't be wrong to say that modern smartphones cameras are competing with...

The Hunt for a Stylish Smartphone

A good-looking smartphone acts as a style statement for you, making you feel more confident whenever you pull it out of your pocket or your handbag.

Top Smartphones with Incredible Screens

This article talk about the best smartphones having great displays, and give you a brief about what else do they have to offer:

Stylish and Innovative Features that make the Panasonic Eluga Z1 Pro a Real Treat

Eluga Z1 pro comes with a sleek exterior and a power packed system that works seamlessly in a unified manner to deliver unprecedented performance.

Smart Phone with Intelligent Features: The Panasonic Eluga Z1 Pro

Crafted to perfection, intelligent in functioning and backed by a high performance processor, the device, launched only recently in India, walks the talk when it comes to everyday functioning and a sleek appeal. Here are the features that give this device its unique appeal.

Eluga X1 and Eluga X1 Pro: For Smartphones that help you live the AI Life with Ease

Each comes with its own set of features and apps but more often than not, processing power and the apps that run in the background take up too much of your battery power. Before you know it, you are running for your charger again. The Eluga X1 and X1 Pro do not burden you with this hassle.

Panasonic P85 NXT: Equipped with Features that Simplify Your Fast Paced World

You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone and shattering your screen as the P85 NXT comes with the Corning® Gorilla® Glass that makes sure your device never has to succumb to cracks and breaks.

Panasonic P90: A Tough Phone that Stands the Test of Time Stylishly

There is something to be said about smartphones which are truly intelligent, functional and sturdy enough to survive falls and drops. Here are a few of the features that are part of the P90 and make it stand out from the crowd.

Seekit app helps you track your belongings with Panasonic's bluetooth tracker devices. You'll hear an alert on your smartphone as soon as your valuables disconnects. You can also track your keys, tv remote, bike and other belongings with Seekit app.

The Eluga X1: Redefining the Smart in Smartphones Today

The Eluga X1, launched in October 2018, is one such device brought to you by Panasonic India that effortlessly blends everyday functionality with high end features to offer you a phone that redefines what smart looks and feels like effortlessly.

Panasonic 90: A Tough Phone that Stands the Test of Time Stylishly

Panasonic P90 is one such device that seamlessly blends the best of all worlds to deliver a power packed phone that is stylish and sleek looking yet reliable, durable and robust.

Here are a few of the features that make the P90 stand out in the crowd.

The Panasonic P100: Where Beauty and Functionality Combine

Some users prefer the device for its ability to withstand falls and drops while some others have taken a fascination to it owing to the way it captures moments.

Whatever be the case, here is a brief idea about this device’s functional features and how it benefits users in a great way.