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Top 05 Dumbbell Exercises – Reach Those Goals

A pair of dumbbells can drastically change your physique. Whether you are looking at a quick weight loss solution, building up muscles or cardiovascular exercise, a pair of dumbbells used correctly will do the trick. Reach your goals faster by trying out some of the free exercises listed below.


Goblet Squat

How – stand with your feet set apart, wider than your shoulder width and take hold of a dumbbell with both hands, hold it in front of your chest. Bend at the knees in a squat and then get back up again. Repeat the exercise. The goblet squat is ideal for glute activation, as well as for improving thoracic and hip mobility. Besides, it's an exercise that can be taken on at any level of fitness.


Dumbbell Clean

How – Stand with your knees bent, hold the dumbbells with your wrists flipped inwards and raise the weights to your shoulders. As you raise the dumbbells, straighten your knees and jump, lower the weights to your thigh and end with a squat. Repeat. These are powerlifters which help you to train like a real Olympian, building lean tissue and explosive power. Muscle growing power too is maximised as blood rushes to your glutes, shoulders, hamstrings and arms. Exodus Gym in Wellington is just one place locals like to get fit at; remember a gym is an ideal start for any fitness regime where you learn proper techniques. Today Wellington health and fitness is given top priority with a large number of fitness centres seeing an influx of clients.


Farmers Walk

An easy exercise, Farmers Walk entails you to walk as fast as possible taking long strides while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Try to achieve your given distance as fast as possible. While there is no complicated technique to master here, you do supercharge your grip strength. Injury levels too are non-existent for this exercise as a process known as irradiation, clusters your rotator cuff thus lending protection for your shoulders.


Bent-Over Row

How – Keep your back straight and tighten your core as you row the dumbbells up to your chest; knees should be bent slightly and your torso leaning forward from the waist. Doing rows helps you to target various parts of your upper body, including biceps, traps, lats and rhomboids; ideal for achieving that alluring 'V' shape. You also achieve t-shirt perfect boulder shoulders.


Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift

How – lower the dumbbells to touch the top of your feet. Reach down as far as possible, by bending from your waist, get back to standing position and repeat. This exercise adds power to your legs as it targets the lower body muscles. A stiff leg deadlift makes sure your posterior is performing well and can also help in preventing lower back and hip injuries. If you want an injury-free build-up of your lower body go for stiff legged lifts.