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Cooley Health Pharmacy

You can expect to benefit from a wide array of services that we offer.

Benefits of Medication Synchronization

The Centers for Disease and Control has reported that those with chronic medications account for 86% of America’s total healthcare expenses.

Why Should You Avail of a Generic Plan?

Actually, wanting to become healthier and more fit does not have to be costly. Your retail pharmacy in Colton, California can help you take control of your pains and discomforts at a much lower price—without having to sacrifice the quality of your medications! At Cooley Health Pharmacy, we firmly believe that price alone does not necessarily measure how effective a specific medicine is. For this reason, we offer Generic Plans that cater to your needs.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): How Can Your Doctor’s Diagnosis Help?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to participate in sexual activities due to the consistent challenge to have and maintain an erection.

Debunking Common Myths About Your Medications

Taking your prescribed medications is crucial to the management of your health issues.

Retail Pharmacy | Colton, CA | Cooley Health Pharmacy

Our retail pharmacy in Colton, California is committed to your health and safety. We offer high-quality services at prices that are friendly to your budget.

Breathe Easier: Facts You Need to Know when Dealing with Asthma

Did you know that asthma affects over 24 million people in the United States?

How Can Pharmacists Help in Your Pregnancy?

If you believe you’re pregnant but aren’t certain, the best way for you to find out is by taking pregnancy tests.

Retail Pharmacy | Services | Cooley Health Pharmacy

Our pharmacy services in Colton, California are provided with you in mind. We aim to help you improve your health and overall quality of life.

Retail Pharmacy | Medical Supplies | California

We offer a complete line of medical supplies in California that can help address the various health needs of your family.

Generic Drugs: The Benefits They Can Offer Patients

Individuals with a medical condition may need a prescription drug from a pharmacy in order to manage their symptoms and improve their overall comfort. But with the high costs that are typically associated with prescription medications, it can be challenging for them to follow their doctor’s directives.

Ways to Manage Your Diabetes

When you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel nervous and upset at first. You may be afraid of what the future holds for you. However, as any retail pharmacy in Colton, California would tell you, you will be able to live a long, quality life in spite of your condition by making changes to your lifestyle.

Retail Pharmacy | Medical Supplies | Colton, California

We are a pharmacy in Colton, California that is here to help you improve your health. Please browse through our website to learn how we can help you.
You can expect to benefit from the wide array of services that our pharmacy offers. Find out which ones you can take advantage of today.

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Do you want to know more about our pharmacy, services, or products? Get in touch with us by calling 909-514-1730.
Cooley Health Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy in Colton, California, is always here to help you. Send us your concerns or feedback and we will respond to them accordingly.

Retail Pharmacy | Generic Plan | Cooley Health Pharmacy

As a retail pharmacy in Colton, California, Cooley Health Pharmacy offers quality health products at low and affordable prices. For your medications, we offer a generic plan that is surely cost-effective and eases the financial burden you may be facing with your current condition.We’d love to discuss our generic plans further with you. For your inquiries, kindly give us a call at 909-514-1730.

Mistakes Patients Often Commit when Making a Doctor's Appointment (Part One)

Clients at your local retail pharmacy in Colton, California sometimes find their visits to their various healthcare providers confusing. If you are one of them, let us help you out by reading below the common missteps that you may be taking when going to your physicians, as shared by health experts.

Mistakes Patients Often Commit when Making a Doctor's Appointment (Part Two)

We at Cooley Health Pharmacy aim to provide client-centered pharmaceutical care for our clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind. In line with this, we are providing below the common mistakes that you may be committing when making a visit to your healthcare provider

Why Should You Take a Peek at Your Medical Records?

“Knowledge is power”―or so the saying goes. Yet, most people do not even have the slightest hint about what their own medical records contain. At Cooley Health Pharmacy, we firmly believe that it is essential for patients to be aware of their own medical data since adequate clinical information are vital components of receiving safe, quality, and effective health care.

How to Make Sure That You Get Good Medical Care

Patients themselves have a significant role in making sure that they are receiving excellent medical care.

Healthy Ways for a Happy Heart

Along with this new process of achieving heart health, simple and basic heart-healthy habits can also make huge benefits. Even during the golden years, it’s never too late to make changes for your body and health by starting a lifestyle that prioritizes health.

Unhealthy Heart - What Are the Red Flags?

Statistics show that heart problems are on the top of the list of the leading causes of death in the United States. With a ratio of nearly 1 in every 4 Americans, heart diseases caused the death of 787,000 individuals and more in the year 2011 alone.