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Headline for Tech! Digital tools for the 21st Century Classroom!
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Tech! Digital tools for the 21st Century Classroom!

Are the tech options available for the classroom overwhelming? With some help from my classmates and my Educational Technology class, I’ve gathered some tech tools that I thought would be useful in the classroom.


Nearpod is a web based learning tool designed to help immerse students in learning. With a variety of tools available, including real time data capture for the teacher, Nearpod takes digital learning to the next level. With both a student led as well as a teacher led option, Nearpod could be used as a while group lesson or as a tool to be used in small groups. With a host of pre curated lessons and the ability to create a unique lesson specific to a particular class's needs, Nearpod offers a host of digital tools to make learning fun for students! This is a brief tutorial on how to use Nearpod in the classroom.

ClassDojo ♥

Class Dojo is a very versatile tool that can be used to help build positivity in the classroom. It allows for behavior tracking, and also allows teachers to have an open line of communication with parents. Teachers can track and share positive (and negative) behaviors, attendance, and classroom activities with parents, helping to build a sense of community within the classroom. Class Dojo can also be used on a school wide basis, and can help students feel pride when they are able to share their work with peers and parents alike. An easy to use tool that is far from simplistic, Class Dojo is a tool that can be utilized in many ways. This short video will introduce the concepts of Class Dojo.

Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

Ah, Google Docs. This one of the single most useful tools for students and teachers alike. Using Google Docs means that items are stored in the cloud, and they are accessible from anywhere. No more bulky discs, no flash drives to lose, and no students being able to say they weren't able to access a document. Google Docs allows the document to be private or shared, and a shared document can be graded and shared digitally, cutting down on the amount of paper moving through the classroom. Google Docs also allows for student collaboration in real time, and gives students the option to access the work from home or the school, as items are stored in the cloud. Here is a brief video of how Google Docs can be useful in the classroom.

Popplet for School

Need a graphic organizer for students? Popplet is a great tool that allows students to work together, using text and images to share information. A fun and easy way to help students retain and share information! Students can collaboratively brainstorm ideas, and share these in a visual way with one another. This video gives some ideas on how to use Popplet, and how it might work in the classroom. - Computer Science Fundamentals (all ages) is a free tool that allows teachers to include computer programming in their classroom. Offering a variety of levels and a prescribed coding curriculum, this tool allows teachers to begin the process of allowing students to learn how to code their own programs. This video talks about the importance of teaching students how to program a computer, an oft overlooked skill necessary for the 21st Century.

iCivics | Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics

A website that is the brainchild of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics asks students to become engaged in the process of learning civics. One important aspect of being a citizen is to understand the workings of the government and the responsibility of the student as a person who engages in the civic process. ICivics strives to make learning this all important part of our duty as United States citizens fun. Take a peek at this video from the MacArthur Foundation, which includes a short video discussing the importance of civics.

MangaHigh - Games Based Learning.

MangaHigh is a great way to engage students in math learning. It is a games based learning platform that incorporates Growth Mindset into learning. MangaHigh also offers teachers the opportunity to gather data on how their students are doing in a particular area, and lets them curate their class to what might be more relevant to the class. This video gives a 10 minute tutorial on some of the tools available to teachers as well as how to use them. MangaHigh Tutorial

Notability - Fall in love with note taking

This tool for the tablet is a fantastic way for students to take notes. It allows for collaborative sharing of notes, allows both types and handwritten varieties, and there are sketch options as well as ways to import images. In addition to all of the note taking abilities, Notability allows students to save Pdfs in a ways that allows for interaction with note taking. This is an incredibly versatile tool, well worth the time to learn. It is a great way to organize a variety of information. This tool can be used with Google Classroom as well, and notes can be saved automatically to a Google Drive.


This augmented reality tool allows students to delve into a topic from a single starting point, and allows for text, images, and 360 content to be used during a lesson. The very nature of the students really digging into the content at their own pace is a great way to use technology in the classroom. This allows for students to reference material all in one place, and also would allow for students to include what they've learned in a new way for a project. Since ThingLink allows for a variety of different types of links to be included, students could share videos, writings, and web links to show their knowledge, and then share their work with peers. This video gives a brief demonstration on how ThingLink might be used in the classroom. ()

Storybird - Read, write, discover, and share the books you'll always remember.

This tool is a stunning way to activate student's creative mind when working during ELA. The copy included from the site itself: "Discover an endless library of free books, picture books, & poetry or use simple tools to create books in minutes. Storybird is a creative community where readers & writers celebrate storytelling." This really sums up the beauty of this tool. The art could be used as a writing prompt, the students could be asked to create a poem, it could be used to create a classroom story or project. It is a beautifully designed tool that could easily be incorporated into the writing process for students. This video gives an example of how this tool might be used in the classroom.]()

Lists made social - Listly

This social media list tool could be used for a variety of things in the classroom. Students could curate a list on the ways they can be a good digital citizen, or they could list the top ten catalysts leading to the outbreak of the American Revolution. The possibilities are endless, and with the added social aspect this could be a way for students to share their ideas with others. Listly allows students to creatively curate a digital list of information specific to their needs in the classroom.
Here is a short video on how to use lastly in the classroom. ]()