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Technology top 10


Flipgrid - Technology 4

Flipgrid- That is mainly for teachers to create these grids for discussion questions. That students record their self’ on the discussion board. Students respond by recorded video. The grip is where teachers can ask questions then the students can reply by 90-second video or less.


Kahoot - technology tool 9

Kahoot- My favorite interactive tool is Kahoot. This to me is a best interactive tool that you can use. It especially good idea to use for teachers. It is a free tool that can be used by students. The teachers can make quizzes or test and the students take it on an electronic device. To see what they have learned and what they need to improve. It very usefully and simple to use.


Emaze - Technology Tool 1

Emaze such a good tool I used in one of the previous presentation projects. I loved it. Emaze is a new presentation easily create slideshows and presentations with visuals. For Emaze it offers Presentations, Websites, E-Cards, Blogs and Photo Albums.


IMovie - Technology 2

iMovie- Is a software for presentation but is for Mac and iPhone /iPad products. This software you can create like Hollywood style movie style and resolution movie. You are editing on whatever product you have as long as it isn’t android you can edit parts for the movie.


Visme - Technology 3

Is a presentation tool but a visual one too. The viseme has an infographic that you used. It is very usefully if you must use these for presentation and especially need to include infographics.


Story Jumper - Technology tool 5

a great tool to use for students/teachers it offers the ability to write, create, etc their own stories. It likes writing their store on paper but for story jumper it on the website which makes it more interactive and fun.


PowerPoint Narration - Technology tool 6

The narration of PowerPoint- The PowerPoint is a tool many of use, but the narrative or some call voice over is the idea of using the presentation as many times before the only differences are putting audio in the PowerPoint to make it more creative. The reason you could use this different type presentation and doing this style shows creative of your presentations.


Knovio - Technology 7

Knovio- very resources technology tool – that you can create for free it is an online presentation that you can share to anyone or send the presentation with email, website or social media.


Prezi - tool 8

Prezi- A web-based presentation that online it is very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. It can be hard a first to use Prezi because even though it like the PowerPoint it doesn’t have some differences


BrainPop - tool 10

BrainPOP – Is very fun video. It covers a wide range of subject and is aminate fun version for the student to watch and have fun. This one of great interactive video that they can watch to learn about certain topic they don’t fully understand or want more information on