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Top Israeli Startup Incubator / Accelerator Programs

The OurCrowd Guide to Top Israeli Startups and Incubators


A.T.I | Ashkelon Technology Incubator

ATI is an incubator company based in Ashkelon, Israel, that was established in 1991. From its inception until now, ATI has financed over 60 companies in various technological fields.

BioJerusalem Accelerator

BIOJERUSALEM is a one-stop connection for those who have made the science of life their business. It is at the vital heart of Jerusalem's thriving life sciences industry.

Dreamit Ventures   |   Helping great people build great companies

DreamIt Israel is the first hybrid accelerator program offering Israeli Entrepreneurs (who currently reside in Israel) a special program including accelerator time in Israel and in New York City.

Google Campus

Campus Tel Aviv, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a hub for entrepreneurs and developers located in the heart of the startup nation.


Google Inc. | Accelerator Program

Google Inc. | Accelerator Program

Google Inc. has opened an incubator in Israel in August 2012. The incubator will begin operations when Google Israel enters its new offices in the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv. The company will occupy several floors of the building, one of which will be for the incubator.

Granot Ventures

Granot Ventures is a leading Israeli investment company dedicated to identifying, growing and commercializing high-potential innovative technologies, combining top-notch investment management with technological incubator leveraging power and support services.

HiCenter | Haifa Hi-Tech Initiatives Center

Since 2008, hiCenter, a technology and business accelerator dedicated to value creation by partnering with talented entrepreneurs with proven innovations, is actively reinforcing the entrepreneurial wind blowing in Haifa.

IDC's The Elevator

IDC Elevator is a mentorship-driven accelerator program investing in early phase Israeli start-ups. Selected entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to leverage relationships with a wide network of experts, helping them quickly scale their business and create relationships with angel investors and top VC firms.

IExplore Accelerator

An experienced investment group specializing in early stage Israeli ventures in the field of Internet, Cellular & New Media.
קבוצת השקעות מנוסה המתמחה בהשקעות בשלבים מוקדמים במיזמים בתחום האינטרנט, סלולר וניו מדיה.

Incentive Managment

Incentive Incubator is an award-winning technological incubator in Israel, with an exceptional track record of nurturing seed-stage companies to success. Over the last eight years alone, it has twice won the Excellent Incubator Award and five of its companies have received the Excellent Incubator Company Award.

Iris Ventures (Mayan Ventures)

Iris Ventures is Israel's leading peripherial incubator in the field of Information &Communication Technology (ICT) located in breathtaking Negev, Israel.

Jerusalem Startup Hub

Jerusalem Startup Hub (JSH) - the new Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Jerusalem. Located in the heart of the city, the Hub opened its doors in March 2013. JSH aims to be the center of start-up development in Jerusalem, a hub for break-through technological ideas from all over the world and also serve as the window into the Israeli field of innovations for international investors.

Jerusalem Venture Partners JVP | Media Labs

JVP Media Labs is JVP’s early stage investment arm. Operating from the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem, JVP Media Labs invests in seed-stage start-up companies in the fields of new media, enterprise software, mobile Internet, gaming and advertising. Its mission is to provide a suite of customized services, including seed financing, hands-on management, office space and strategic guidance.

Kinrot Ventures

Kinrot Ventures was founded in 1993 as part of the Israeli Incubator Program and in 2006 was privatized by the Canadian Stern Group in cooperation with the Israeli Chief Scientist. In the beginning of 2010, AguAgro Fund LP has acquired Kinrot Ventures from Canada's Stern Partners Inc. Today, Kinrot is the leading seed investor in water and clean-tech related technologies worldwide.

L.N. Green Technological Incubator

L.N. Green Technological Incubator operates as part of the incubator program of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The incubator supports start-up companies at the outset, during the R&D phase.

Lool ventures

Lool Ventures is in the business of growing companies at internet speed. structured to be fast, lean and nimble, lool ventures loves to work with people who excel at execution, and at the same time value the soul of the product.

Mayan Ventures

Maayan Ventures is a leading early stage investment group and technology incubator, specializes in building value. We leverage the innovative technology of outstanding entrepreneurs by capitalizing on our team’s vast management experience and strategic business

Meytag Ventures

Meytag High-tech Ventures is a leading technology incubator and one of the largest in Israel. Established in 1991 as part of the Government Chief Scientist program, Meytag was one of the first incubators to become private in 2003 and is owned by Capital Point investment group (Traded on TASE), one of the largest seed investment groups in Israel.

Misgav Venture Accelerator

Misgav Venture Accelerator is committed to investing in and building serious medical technology businesses with dedicated entrepreneurs, active investors, and world-class scientists and advisors.

Mofet Venture Accelerator

The Mofet Venture Accelerator is one of Israel's leading high-tech business incubators. As part of the Trendlines Group, Israel's leading seed-stage investment group, Mofet's vision is to create and develop businesses to improve the human condition, with an emphasis on solving the global food and water crises.

Naiot Venture Accelerator

Naiot venture accelerator is dedicated to advancing life science innovation in Israel. It is the host of innovative medical devices, therapeutic and diagnostic and they are moving forward to creating a new pharmaceutical and drug delivery pipeline.

NGT Technology Incubator

New Generation Technology (NGT) is a technology incubator that encourages, supports, and invests in innovation-based businesses and entrepreneurs primarily in the life sciences and medical devices.

Nielsen Innovate

Nielsen Innovate Fund (NIF) is an early stage investment arm of Nielsen and Partam High Tech, located in Caesarea, Israel. It invests in seed-stage start-up companies in the fields of new media, online advertising, analytics, measurement and big data. NIF provides the start-ups a variety of services, including financing, operational support, office space, strategic guidance, hand-on management and business development.

Ofakim High Tech Ventures

Founded in 1991, Ofakim Hi-Tech Ventures (OHV) is one of the leading and most experienced privatized technological incubators in Israel.

Radbiomed Technology incubator

RAD BioMed is a success-accelerator for Israeli life science startups. With state-of-the-art facilities, an entrepreneurial team of experts and broad contact networks, RAD BioMed incubates startups at various stages in the medical devices, biopharma and diagnostic sectors.