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Updated by Pedro Varela on Aug 29, 2023
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Ketogenic Diet 101

The Ketogenic Diet is the fastest and safest way for you to lose weight.
Researches has been made that proves Ketogenic Diet can not only help with rapid fat loss, but to treat other diseases such as Epilepsy, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and even Cancer!


Introduction to Ketogenic Diet - Ketogenic Diet 101

Although ketogenic diet has been around for almost a century, it is rapidly gaining popularity today. It’s not a fad diet. It actually works...

What Is Ketogenic Diet? - Ketogenic Diet 101

What Is Ketogenic Diet? The keto diet is a low or zero carbohydrate diet, but it differs from other low-carb diets (such as Paleo)...

Benefits of Keto Diet - Ketogenic Diet 101

Here is a list of actual benefits of keto diet for lowering your carbohydrates and eating fats that convert to energy

Keto Diet and Cancer - Ketogenic Diet 101

Keto diet is able to slow down the growth of cancer cells by reducing calories, cancer cells have less energy to develop and grow in the first place

Keto Diet and Epilepsy - Ketogenic Diet 101

The keto diet had nothing to do with weight loss or diabetes management, it was created to help his patients suffering from epilepsy...

Keto Diet and Blood Pressure - Ketogenic Diet 101

Consuming fewer carbohydrates decreases both the level of insulin and the blood pressure level. This simple dietary change can make a huge difference!

What Do I Eat on a Keto Diet? - Ketogenic Diet 101

When you’re eating ketogenic, you’re filling your body with nutrition. Let’s take a look at the foods you’ll be eating.

Keto Diet For Rapid Weight Loss - Ketogenic Diet 101

Keto Diet For Rapid Weight Loss? Many people confuse the ketogenic diet with low carb diets or paleo diets. However, there are considerable differences...

Getting Started on the Keto Diet - Ketogenic Diet 101

You’re ready for a new and improved you. Congratulations. There are so many wonderful benefits to the ketogenic diet, you can expect many positive changes!

Keto Recipes - Ketogenic Diet 101

Take your favorite recipes and turned them keto recipes