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Tips and Guidelines for writers, authors, publishers, English enthusiasts, bloggers, and editors.
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Importance of Oxford Comma? | Writers' Mentor

Also known as the Serial comma or Harvard comma, the Oxford comma is an optional comma before the word 'and' and 'or' in a list. Do you support its use?

Differences Between British English and American English – Part I – Spellings

People in the UK and USA have some minor differences in spellings, pronunciations, and even grammar at places. Of course, the accent is different too.

Differences Between UK English and US English – Part II – Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Punctuations

The British and Americans also make use of some words in totally different ways. Sometimes, they mean the exact opposite of each other by the same word.

Best Ways to Promote Infographics | Exentrics

Make Sure Your Infographics Are Effective enough and reach the Intended Audience There is no doubt infographics are the best means of pushing forward heaps

What Metrics to Track in Your B2B E-mail Marketing Campaigns? | Exentrics

Here are three important facts for you: While you would easily relate to the first two facts since both are related to e-mail marketing, what has Pareto

A MAIDen Experience - The Webqoof

A memorable experience with an angry maid.

An Insight Into GoDaddy - The Webqoof

The name GoDaddy is synonymous with all the web design and hosting services you could possibly require. It is ranked one of the best among web services provider worldwide and is the most trusted brand, one that is known to most. So why not save big when you need to buy a domain, get a hosting for your domain, or require premium features that range from SSL certificates to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services specifically customized for you.

Tips and Tricks for Online Marketing and SEO - The Webqoof

This article provides a descriptive view on the various methods used for promoting a business on the internet. Be it a product or service that you are selling, proper optimization and higher search engine rankings are always necessary for obtaining the perfect results. This article contains point-to-point and some of the most effective methods for online marketing of websites.


Why you need an Oxford comma?

Why you need an Oxford comma?

Oxford comma is important and should be used wherever possible to remove ambiguity.

An Oxford Comma Can Save Obama and Rihanna From Being Your Parents

There is no certain rule binding the use of the Oxford comma in writing and writers are free to choose whether to use it or not. But, in the end, the whole motive behind writing something is that the meaning should be clear to the people reading it

So the last time I moved in with some of my friends in a new city, I received a pretty hearty welcome. They were my friends from college, I was at home already! We used to have a gala time almost every evening. But there was one person who wasn’t much appreciative of my arrival, the maid.

Oxford comma, Serial comma, or Harvard comma is a comma placed immediately before a coordinating junction (‘and’ or ‘or’) in a list of three or more items. Take, for instance, these examples with three breakfast items:

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Love Aaj Kal - The Dating Scenario Nowadays - The Webqoof

The millennials have become so inept at making close, deep, meaningful connections and the exclusivity in a relationship between two people is outdated. The devoted loyalty has been replaced by lack of honesty and commitment. At the first sight of a little adversity, we are ready to desert the ship of long-held commitment and affection and go astray in search for a new emotional and physical bond. The bond for life is not exactly what we are looking for,  just the temporary and instant thrill which can make us feel alive at that very moment. Today’s relationship is nothing more than a matter of convenience for us.