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PLANNING - Dshell Design

While every design commission is different, the process remains the same for every project. The activities for undertaking project and site investigations, brief site analysis and the resultant design, design documentation and construction stages need to be highly regimented to ensure consistency of quality of outcome.
Creating the perfect home or commercial place for you is our ultimate aim. It is critical however to minimise the risk of cost and time overruns of each and every creation.

Bad posture at office work is a serious and a very common problem seen nowadays. The human body is designed in a way that it can move around rather sitting on a chair for several hours. Our busy and mostly sedentary lifestyles attached with a digital-heavy existence has resulted in a large number of young professionals being afflicted with back pain. It can give rise to severe mental and physical health issues and both are to be understood equally and should be taken care of.

To meet the demand for more comfortable user experience in office many different features of office chairs have continued to increase over the years. Different office chairs come with the consideration of frequency and environment where the chair will be used. Most of the office chairs are frequently high adjustable and are often can be interchanged as a desk chair or computer chair.

Important tips to keep your workspace and desk organized

Here, you'll get to know the detailed information about the important tips to keep your workspace and desk organized. Just go through the article to know more..

The benefits of a standing desk at work

In this article, you'll find the benefits of a standing desk and what is standing desk. So, in order to enhance your knowledge, continue reading the article.

The Complete Office Furniture Style Guide

Here you'll get the complete office furniture style guide. So Just take a deeper look into the various office furniture styles available to you in this helpful guide.

Best Speech Therapy Treatment For Speech or Language Delay/Development

Speech therapy is the best way to develop your child's speech or language ability. Here, find the causes, signs and treatment for speech and language delay.

Get the Best Treatment for Speech Disorder or Impairment

Speech disorders are a type of communication disorder. Keep on reading to get to know more about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Cochlear Implant Consultation and Surgery Center in India - HearingSol

Book an appointment with us to know everything about cochlear implant surgery. Learn how they helps improve your hearing. Call now to get free consultation.

​Dshell Planning Strategy

Dshell Design working as one of the leading architecture and interior designer in Delhi. We plan on assimilating minute technical details in every project.

Dshell: The Best Interior Designer In Noida And Delhi NCR

Dshell is one of the top and most competitive residential and commercial interior design company in Noida. We are speclized in interior designing.

Best Home exterior Designer | Dshell Design

Give a great look to your home, office or retail exterior with Dshell Design. Dshell have verity of ideas to transform your exterior.

Transform your home with alligent lighting | Dshell Design

In Noida and Delhi NCR region Dshall is the perfect solution for interior design and suitable lighting.Our young and professional interior designing team...

Buy Great Quality luxurious Furniture From Dshall Design

Dshell provide you the great range of luxurious furniture. You can get wooden, plastic and metal furniture from our showroom.

Ways To Create Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

A night of restful sleep is necessary for a healthy and active mind. Hear are some sleep-friendly bedroom ideas. There are so many factors which..

Accent lighting

Accent home lighting focuses light in a particular area. Mostly it is used to highlight the design or artifact of any particular region.

know More About Ambient-Lighting With Dshell Design

Ambient lighting refers to environment light, it is also known as low-key lighting, in the photographic technique using a single key light.

Know More About Task Lighting With Dshell Design

Task lighting is a type of lighting which we use for the particular area and help to complete the task easily. These are different from ambient lighting