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Trade Wars and Backfires: The Repercussions of Trump Tariffs | VHAN

Positive trade relations among countries are manifested by greater consumer choices, the creation of new jobs, and better pricing for products and raw material that are needed to keep industries alive. In a perfect world – where leaders always make the best decisions – multinational economies are symbiotic at best. On the other hand, taking a glimpse at recent Trump tariffs on aluminum, steel, Chinese goods, and washing machines, we learn that the imposition of taxes on imports and exports can turn into a looming nightmare for workers and traders.

How to Make the Most of Your Solo Travel | VHAN

Visiting a place where you have no friends and family can be terrifying. Traveling with groups is great, but solo travel has an allure of its own, with gems along the way that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re wondering how solo packers make it and how they’ve established connections, second homes, and genuine relationships in the places that they visited alone, read on and learn about the backbones of an unforgettable solo travel.

Minimalism in Fashion: Decluttering and Selecting Fine Pieces | VHAN

A minimalist lifestyle is all about getting things down to the essentials and hinging on the philosophy that “less is more.” If you’ve found yourself in a haze of having too many options – from what to eat and what to wear – it might just be time to declutter and have a change of lifestyle. An easy place to begin with is fashion, the very fabrics that you wear as an extension of yourself.

Top 4 Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends to Consider in 2018

Thinking of revamping your pharmaceutical packaging designs? Make sure your new layouts are up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Here are the hottest pharmaceutical packaging design trends of 2018.

Aeromechanics: How Helicopters Work | VHAN

Traveling by air has always been the fastest and safest way to get to your destination. Because there are no obstacles that you need to avoid when you’re flying, you can comfortably travel in a straight line from point A to point B. An aircraft can reach in minutes what the fastest bus can reach in hours, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Personal Online Security: Owning Your Identity | VHAN

We have become so immersed with digital life that at least a billion people in the world have “online identities” as an extension of reality. We have gone past the point of asking how real the online side is – just the fact that we are experiencing security problems via hacking, stolen identities, cyber crimes, cyber bullying, etc. is enough evidence that what happens in the screen is real enough to warrant worry and attention in real life. Cybersecurity is an important point of concern as much as physical security is.

Shopping for Pet-Friendly Furniture in Modern Furniture Stores in Los Angeles | VHAN

Modern furniture stores in Los Angeles can give you every kind of furniture that will suit your home design needs. However, it takes some knowledge to know which furniture to choose while keeping your pets’ needs and your own in mind

Tips for Finding the Best Provider of Dog Training in Leesburg, VA | VHAN

Enrolling your puppy to dog training in Leesburg, VA is easy. Making sure that your dog is registered to the right one, however, is not. Consider these tips to find the best dog trainers in your area!

2018 Subaru Outback from Subaru Dealers near Beaufort, SC: Still a Sure-fire Hit | VHAN

The 2018 Subaru Outback from Subaru dealers near Beaufort, SC continues to deliver its unbeatable blend of exceptional performance, comfort, and off-road chops in its uninterrupted rise to the top of the SUV class.

Being a Good Traveler: Visiting Boracay Post-Rehabilitation | VHAN

The most beautiful places on earth will only continue to be so if managed properly. The recent closing of Boracay Island, a Philippine paradise with nine beaches, covering a 4-kilometer stretch of white sand and blue sea, was an eye-opener to the other side of travel – footprints from tourists and locals alike could leave an undesirable mark.

Drive the 2018 Kia Niro from a Kia Dealership in Albuquerque, NM | VHAN

Hoping to drive the 2018 Kia Niro? Aside from getting your hands on the Niro, here are other reasons you should come and visit a Kia dealership in Albuquerque, NM today.

Need Space? Check Out These Clever Space-Saving Tips! | VHAN

Just because your home space is small and limited doesn’t mean that you have to adopt a cramped and cluttered lifestyle. Check out these clever space-saving strategies.

How Cleaning Services Transform the Orange County | VHAN

Southern California is a haven with probably the best weather in America, a prosperous tradition, and cleanliness unmatched. We delve more into what this town does right in cleaning services in Orange County.

Things to Consider When Deciding On Hospitality Parking Solutions | VHAN

You’re spoiled of choices on parking solutions, as they are everywhere nowadays. But do you know which of them caters to your specific needs, particularly in the hospitality/hotel industry? Here’s a guide for you to decide wisely.

Upgrading Bedroom With a Modern Furniture Store Near Me | VHAN

Want a glam look for your bedroom? Try to mix in pieces from a modern furniture store near me. And find yourself waking up in the bedroom of your wildest fantasies!

Traveling on a Budget in Branson, MO: Things to Do with the Family | VHAN

If you are planning a trip to Branson, MO, things to do with the family while staying within a budget is relatively simple. These four options provide you with the most bang for your buck.

Get a Mental Health Boost by Spending Time Inside a Home Sauna | VHAN

Turns out, spending time inside a home sauna might just be the thing you need to ease stress and tension. The heat and tranquillity of an infrared sauna has been proven to improve mental health and general wellbeing.

Hamilton Dog Training: How to Come Up with an Extremely Effective Recall for Your Pet

Having trouble trying to call your dog? Mastering the recall is one of the most challenging tasks any dog owner can do. Through a four-stage program in Hamilton dog training, you can be able to summon your dog in any environment at any time, guaranteed. Read more here.

Cataract Surgery in Los Angeles In Time for Thanksgiving | VHAN

This Thanksgiving, why not give your senior relatives a cataract surgery in Los Angeles just in time for your family reunion? The holidays will be even more special once your loved ones regain their full eyesight, and play with their grandkids all they want. Thanks to advancements in eye care, the cure for failing eyesight has been more accessible than ever.This Thanksgiving, why not give your senior relatives a cataract surgery in Los Angeles just in time for your family reunion? The holidays will be even more special once your loved ones regain their full eyesight, and play with their grandkids all they want. Thanks to advancements in eye care, the cure for failing eyesight has been more accessible than ever.

What to Know About Insurance Concerns in Branson Lodging | VHAN

Your safety and well-being at Branson lodging is important. Avail of protection packages at reasonable prices from the top vacation services agency to have a worry-free vacation in the live entertainment capital of the world.

Spiking Your Endurance and Performance in a Portable Infrared Sauna | VHAN

The hot confines of a portable infrared sauna may help increase endurance, build muscle, and increase strength, according to new research and workout experts alike. Read on to understand more about the science behind this benefit.

Secondary Mortgage Note Opportunities at Real Estate Membership | VHAN

A real estate membership can provide you opportunities for investing in secondary mortgage notes. Here’s how you can do that.

Avail of Spiced Cider Enzyme Facial from a Leesburg Spa | VHAN

This fall, a Leesburg spa is offering a beauty product inspired by the season – a spice cider enzyme facial. Find out why you should avail of it and be amazed by its powerful cleansing properties. It’s a handy product to have this autumn.

How to Find a Holistic Parking Solutions Provider | VHAN

Nowadays, it pays to have holistic parking solutions for your company and institution — going beyond managing parking lots and providing staff that will handle related operations. Here’s a guide on how to spot that all around solutions provider.

Local Wedding Photographers’ Top Photo Shoot Locations in DC | VHAN

Washington DC is home to many landmarks that local wedding photographers usually use in their shoots. If you want a memorable shoot, ask your photographer to use these spots, and we guarantee nuptials with good memories!

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