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Updated by Kari Baervahr on Aug 07, 2018
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How to Identify the Right Buyer for your Business

Being able to tell whether a buyer is a good or bad one is important for you to make the biggest profits from your business sale. Here's how to tell them apart.


1. Buyer's motivation for acquisitions is usually growth.

Forms of growth can be geography, customers / contracts, technology, products, brand or people. The buyer is often 10 times bigger than the purchased company


2. Specialize yourself.

When you focus on one thing, you can also engage the best and deliver a better product than the competition.


3. Reduce the dependency of individual customers.

Max 15 of revenue from each customer can be a goal


4. Create a formula for what you sell.

4. Create a formula for what you sell.

Customers buy easier when you rely on an established concept.


5. Distances you from the business

Reduce dependence on you as an owner. Too many SMEs are entirely dependent on owners who are often also the general manager. 75% of majority shareholders of SMEs in Norway are also the general manager. This means that all power and knowledge are collected on one hand.


6. Improve your cash flow by taking something up front and invoices through delivery.


7. Historical numbers are important because they indicate the risks in the business.

A stable cash flow will enable the buyer to finance a lot of the purchase price in bank or the like. But remember: the buyer always buys the future potential that can be

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