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Mastani Bridals is a Bridal Boutique store in Singapore. We offer to our customers with the latest designer collection and pieces from past gathered at affordable prices.

Get Best Bridal Boutiques store in Singapore

Mastani Bridals is a leading Bridal Boutique based in Singapore . Since 2015, we’ve provided customers with the latest Designers collections, as well as pieces from past collections at discounted prices. Our business lies in the intersection of service and luxury, and has consistently kept a high profile among suppliers and buyers alike.

How to find Indian bridal jewelry for sale in Singapore?

There are some jewelry stores in Singapore that offer a wide range of Indian bridal jewelry online. All you need to do is just visit their websites where you can dig through a variety of exotic pieces of Wedding brooches used different parts of India.

Hire a professional bridal makeup artist and get the best look on your wedding day!!

Every bride wishes to be an ultimate celebrity on her wedding day and needs a glam team on which she can trust to look the best in her bridal makeup. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding can ensure you to look the best on your special day.

Indian Bridal Outfit — Makes all the difference that matters

Indian weddings are a big deal and everyone desire to wear high profile attire at their weddings. The bridal outfit is a matter of big discussion in most weddings and the bride remains confused most time while selecting the right mix.

Important things to know about bridal jewellery and tips for buying it!!

Indian bridal jewellery grabs hold of everyone’s notice with the visual appeal of its beautiful designs. Not only in India, but a bride of any country is incomplete without jewellery items that give her the most alluring look.

Rent Out The Designer Bridal Dress For A Perfect Look & Perfect Wedding!

It is common for every girl to dream of a perfect wedding as it is one of the most special moments of her life. From church preparation to the reception and from menu to the floral arrangements, every tiny detail is taken into consideration.

Important shopping tips for your bridal lehenga!!

A wedding is a very special and the most important event in one’s life. Even if it is not one of the high profile weddings with huge budgets, there are still many things to take care of.

Essential perks of renting bridal jewelry for your wedding!!

While a wedding dress can transform you into a beautiful and elegant bride, wedding jewelry is quintessential to add the final touch to your bridal look. Your choice of jewelry portrays your wedding look to a considerable extent, and hence what you choose to wear with your wedding dress is very essential.

What things you ought to consider when shopping for your bridal outfit??

Vibrancy and colors of Indian culture is something that has mesmerized people all across the globe. The best place where one can find a blend of these is none other than a big fat Indian Wedding. A wedding is a very special and one of the most important events in one’s life.

Indian Bridal Outfits: Perfect Amalgamation of Traditions and Ethnicity

Indian bridal outfits have always been a buzz and an epitome of tradition, culture and creativity. To wear unique and enthralling bridal outfit on the most precious and special wedding day is the dream of every Indian bride.

Indian Bridal Jewellery: Epitome of Style and Statement

The significance of bridal jewellery is not less than bridal outfits for an Indian bride. Indeed, bridal outfits make a bride gorgeous, but jewellery makes the attire whole. Designers comprehend the needs and desires of an Indian bride and thus they are capable of providing immensely beautiful and dazzling bridal jewellery.

Indian bridal wear- A complete guide

Weddings in India are a grand affair. The biggest task that every Indian bride faces is that of selecting her wedding attire. Since India is a land of many cultures, the wedding costumes across India differ from state to state. The one thing that is common to every Indian bride is the beautiful smile that they all adorn on their big day.

How to find the perfect Indian bridal outfit??

Different kinds of bridal dresses are available in the market but these days, Indian bridal outfits are very much in demand as more and more girls from all across the globe are turning to Indian outfits for their special day.

Choosing the right Indian bridal outfit!!

There are different types of bridal wear available in the market that a bride-to-be can choose for her D-Day, but these days, Indian bridal outfits are very much in demand and not only in India but all across the globe.

Choose the perfect Indian bridal outfit for your big day!!

Indian wedding dresses for the bride are magnificent outfits that make a bride look unique and out of the crowd on her wedding day. The bridal dresses represent a style statement reflecting a blend of traditional culture and emphasize contemporary and modern designs. However, a modern designed bridal outfit mixed with ethnic embroidery offers the best dress for the D day.

Five Quirky Bridal Dress Color-Combinations That Will Go Trendy in 2019!

2019 means more experiments and brides-to-be are expecting something more than ever which is going to be a challenge for the designers, especially when it comes to Indian wedding dresses for bride. Modern brides are willing to do experiments with their bridal outfits. They aren’t shy of showcasing their unique taste to the world.

Need assistance in lehenga shopping? Just follow these tips…

Color is the most crucial consideration when shopping for bridal lehenga. You must make sure that it goes with your skin tone. Maroon, pink, and red are the popular color choices for bridal lehengas. You may opt to purchase a statement lehenga by combining colors such as pink and green or blue and pink.

Facing a Dilemma of Buying or Renting Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride? Read This!

The one thing that Indian brides-to-be are really excited and overwhelmed about is undoubtedly a bridal dress. Be it a saree or lehenga, a bridal dress is really a game changer and ultimately refines your bridal look. Hunting out that perfect color and design that can do wonders to your bridal appearance is also a challenging task. It is also not a surprise these days that how much costly Indian wedding dresses for bride are.

Contemporary Hand Jewellery Pieces for Indian Brides

Even a party outfit seems incomplete without the right baubles. Then how can you ignore the importance of bridal jewellery when a bride is expected to look outstanding and astoundingly gorgeous on her wedding ceremony? Picking right jewellery pieces for a bride needs not only matching with the wedding dress but also requires the knowledge of current trends.

Bridal Jewellery shopping tips!!!

Any type of jewellery requires substantial investment amount and if we particularly talk about bridal jewellery, the pieces put together can end up costing a fortune. So, always have a budget in mind within which to purchase so that you do not overhaul. Going over budget is normal; however, here we are talking about a considerable amount of money.

Changing Perception of Modern Indian Brides!!

The new age Indian brides are really going to great lengths when it comes to the selection of wedding and other ceremonies outfits. There is no longer brides’ entourage which is traditionally comprised of elder women of the home such as mother, aunts and siblings. Modern brides are holding sway over purchase decisions. They are becoming more ambitious and proactive in their bridal wear shopping.

Planning to rent a wedding dress? Follow these factors and choose wisely!!

With an endless array of options, choosing a wedding dress for your special day is quite the decision. For many brides, these days, buying an expensive wedding dress is not at all practical. The dress is, after all, only worn a single time, and the costly price tag that comes with a beautiful dress can often be out of the grasp of many brides.

Best ways to wear your bridal lehenga once again!!!

It makes no sense to preserve something as expensive as your bridal lehenga in your closet without making any use of it. You should consider reinventing it and wearing it for some other special occasions so that you can relish the memories of your special day forever.

Essential shopping tips to keep in mind when buying Indian Wedding dresses for the bride!!

Every bride-to-be comes with her own personalized to-do list, but one thing that is the most important of all is that of buying the dream wedding dress. Every bride looks for an attire that is something special, and the one that makes her look the best on her special day.

Essential tips for a bride-to-be to find their perfect bridal lehenga!!

For any bride-to-be, her bridal lehenga is the most important outfit of her life. She adds a new phase to her journey in that attire. Every bride wants her bridal lehenga to be absolutely perfect and unique but what might look good in pictures may not look best in reality.