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Is Your Smile Your Secret Superpower?

There’s been a tremendous amount of research into how smiling helps us to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Some of the findings are compelling reading.


Smiling Makes You Look Younger

Smiling Makes You Look Younger

The thought of looking more youthful is incentive enough for most of us to smile more frequently. Apparently, a group of college students thought people who were older and who were smiling were younger than their actual age, while frowning people were perceived as being older. One theory as to why this might be the case is because a smile uplifts your face, providing you with a sort of mini facial without the need for a scalpel.


Smiling Makes You Feel Better

Putting a smile on your face helps to activate the feelgood parts of your brain, increasing production of endorphins and serotonin. One British study discovered that smiling can stimulate the brain as much as eating a significant amount of chocolate but without the risk of tooth decay or the need for hours of endless exercise to work off the calories.


You Look More Competent, Courteous and Likable When You Smile

It’s frequently been shown that when you smile at others, you are instantly perceived as being warmer, more likable and even more intelligent. These are qualities that could make all the difference when you’re interviewing for your dream job, meeting important clients or going on that all-important first date.


When You Smile Others Feel Happier

Your facial expressions may show your emotions, but they can also influence other people’s feelings. It’s been shown that just smiling makes other people feel happier, perhaps because they feel compelled to smile back in response. Did you realize smiling is contagious? Just try smiling when you’re next out and about!


But What If You Can’t Smile?

Smiling is a natural human response, but not everybody has the confidence to smile freely. You might have noticed that some people will do anything to hide their smile, or perhaps you are one of them? Often people are reluctant to smile because they don’t feel confident about the appearance of their teeth, especially as we live in a society that can be judgemental about the way we look. For anyone who feels this way, a smile is something they want to keep hidden, but with a little help from your dentist, you can make your smile your secret superpower.


What to Do to Turn Your Smile into a Powerful Asset

If you hate showing your teeth to others, then don’t despair because there are numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help you, and which if needed can reconstruct your smile. Possible treatments include dental bonding, teeth whitening, dental veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants and orthodontics. Some treatments such as teeth whitening are purely cosmetic, but others can help protect your dental health which at the same time can help your overall health. Investing money in your smile could be a great investment in your general health.


Taking That First Step Towards a Brighter More Attractive Smile

Your first step towards gaining a smile you’ll be proud to show is to visit your cosmetic dentist because they will be able to assess your current dental health and can talk to you about your dreams and desires for treatment. From their point of view, the most important thing will be to ensure you have good dental health and to treat any existing dental problems. Addressing these problems will help to protect your natural teeth and your gums and will ensure that any cosmetic dental treatments last longer. After examining your teeth, jaws, and gums, your dentist can discuss possible treatment plans. Your treatment plan can be tailored to accommodate your budget, your timeframe and of course your dental needs.


When a Mini Smile Makeover Might Be All That’s Needed

If you are generally happy with the shape, size, and position of your teeth, then you may only need a mini smile makeover that can be completed very cost efficiently and quite quickly. A mini smile makeover may include renewing any old silver-colored fillings or stained fillings with more cosmetically pleasing tooth colored fillings, repairing any teeth that have become chipped or cracked and brightening your smile with a tooth whitening treatment. With a mini smile makeover, you can expect your teeth to look significantly whiter and brighter, but if you have other dental problems such as missing teeth or teeth that are crooked, it’s worth considering more comprehensive treatment.


When to Choose More Comprehensive Treatments

More comprehensive treatments may be appropriate if you have some teeth that are missing entirely, or which are broken down and would benefit from dental crowns. Crowns and bridges can restore and replace teeth that are damaged or missing, and these types of treatments can help to preserve and protect your dental health.


When to Think about Having Dental Implants

Another possible treatment is to consider dental implants, which although a little more expensive are a long-lasting treatment, so you’ll be enjoying the results for years to come. Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth with implant-supported crowns, bridges and even dentures. If you currently suffer with loose dentures or find it difficult to eating comfort, dental implants could be worth considering, and of course, they’ll give you a beautiful smile. Your cosmetic dentist can design your dental implant treatment to ensure you receive teeth that are fully functional, that provide the proper support for your cheeks and lips and which look fabulous.