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Living Domes

7m Glamping Dome Suite For Sale - Geodesic Dome Tents For Glamping Village

With a 1/3 clear + 2/3 white appearance, the glamping dome suite from SHELTER DOME is designed for building eco living dome resort in forest or park.

Yoga Dome Supplied for Sports Center, ECO Camp, Backyard - Shelter Dome

Yoga dome allow enoy the sport in any weather, any location. Different diameter for private excerise room, yoga classroom, yoga center in campsite.

6m Geodesic Dome Cabin Sale for Airbnb Hotel - Geodome House - Shelter Dome

If you gonna running homestay below airbnb, you may begin with geodesic dome cabin from Shelter. Geodome tent is easy in building and all-size for any capacity.

6m Geodesic Igloo with Bathroom Facilities for Glamping Dome Suites - SHELTER

SHELTER dome offer the diameter 6m geodesic igloo dome with insulation and bathroom for sale to build glam camping resort in Switzland, Canda, UK, Russia,

Dia.25m Dining Dome for Glamping Resort Project - Geodesic Dome Igloo for Sale

SHELTER do not only offer 6m glamping dome for resort suites, but also provide 10m - 30m geodesic dining dome to build campsite with multifunction.

Oval House for Accommodation in Glamping Resort - Shelter Dome

Shelter oval house design is ideal for the beachside resort. The elliptical dome is like a shell lay on the beach. The accommodation can up to 2 people.

6-meter Lodging Domes for Retreat, Resort, Campsite - Shelter Dome

Portable lodging domes as semi-permanent settings are a novel alternative for luxury resort accommodations or private estates looking for an elegant and dramatic point of difference. They are available in a variety of sizes of 4m to 10m and are designed to be comfy in all weathers. Contact for more info.

16ft Pop Up Garden Igloo Cost - 5m Glamping Geodesic Dome For Sale

The garden igloo just takes about two hours to erect on a lawn, a wooden deck, a concrete surface or almost any other surface and offers a lot of functions.

Glass Dome House for Lounge - Geodesic Garden Dome - Shelter Dome

Whether you are looking for an living space, chill-out area or a personal space, a glass dome house of nature & construction can always meet your needs.

4m & 5m Pop Up Igloo Bar for Sale in Sydney - Shelter Dome

We have pop up igloo bar with clear membranes for sale. It's often a very great solution when you are planning for an extension of outdoor business hours.

Geodesic Glamping Tent for A Mountain Retreat - Shelter Dome

We have geodesic glamping tent in all sizes for sale, ranging from 4m to 10m. Ideal as a mountain retreat, a cafe or restaurant, meditation or yoga room.

Geo Dome Glamping as Pop-up Hotel - Luxury Camping Around Nature

6m Geo dome glamping comes with a large bed, wooden deck and bathroom perfectly designed for 2 - 4 people. Ranging from 13ft to 32ft in size for sale.

7m Glamping Domes Served as Eco-luxury Hotel Rooms - Shelter Dome

Tiny glamping domes for 2-3 individuals can be equipped with the cotton insulation layer, a king-sized bed, bathroom with toilet and shower.

3V Geodesic Dome Greenhouse - Growing Dome - Shelter Dome

We provide 2v, 3v, 4v, 5v or higher frenquency geodesic dome greenhouse for sale in United States and all over the world. It's the best way for gardening.

Igloo Dome - 6m Glamping Structure for Sale - Shelter Dome

Shelter igloo dome hands down if you are looking for a living room for winter garden or a functional space for your winter event in a snow-clad area.

Garden Dome with Transparent PVC Tarpaulin for Sale - Shelter Dome

Shelter garden dome measuring 16 feet (5 meters) wide with transparent PVC tarpaulin enables you to create a horticultural haven for your family.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Sale - Eco Dome Tent - Shelter Dome

When considering a greenhouse, what structure would you prefer? This dia.6m polycarbonate greenhouse would be the ideal building setting up in your garden.

Dia.6m Ecodome for Resort - Steel Dome Homes for Sale - Shelter Dome

Unlike the traditional hotel, Shelter Dome dia.6m ecodome with gorgeous dome shape, as an innovative structure, is ideal opiton for resort.

Dia.10m Geodesic Dome Home - Living Dome for Sale - Shelter Dome

Compared to traditional buildings, having a canteen in a geodesic dome home shows its advantages as saving cost at time, manpower & construction materials.