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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Helpful Tips for Travelling to Thailand with Kids - Top 5 Tips for Family Vacationers

Travelling with children can be a challenge regardless of the destination. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a successful holiday in Thailand with the kiddies in tow.


Fly Direct

If your family can afford it, flying directly to Thailand or Bangkok is the best option for those travelling with young children. Spending hours in transfer and long hours on flights can tire out young kids and also make them more likely to throw a tantrum during the journey. Although it may be cheaper to not fly directly to Thailand, the little extra one must shell out is well worth the quick and easy transfer and maintaining the kids' positive attitude towards flying. If your schedule allows it, fly into a less congested and busy corner of Thailand for the first few days as Bangkok can be a bit overwhelming for first-time visitors, whether they are adults or children.


Secure Family Friendly Accommodation

No matter where you are flying into, reserving family-friendly resorts is an absolute must for travellers bringing their little ones along. Whether you secure a Hua Hin family resort the likes of AVANI Hua Hin Resort & Villas or any of the many other family-oriented rests in the beach hub or elsewhere in the country, ensure the property is easy to reach from the airport. Babysitting facilities and kids clubs are other amenities you should look for in the perfect family base as these services can help you manage your time and the kids seamlessly. Resorts and hotels with open spaces and play areas and a swimming pool should also be considered as these on-site amenities make all the difference when you have unoccupied children feeling restless in between sightseeing trips.


Start Off Slowly

The first day in Thailand should always be spent relaxing and adjusting to the heat and other prevalent weather conditions the kids may not be used to. Do not schedule excursions and activities on the first day but spend this time in the hotel or resort just acclimatizing to the new environment. Children may find the bustling streets of Bangkok or other tourist hubs in Thailand a bit too much on their first day. Avoid public meltdowns by allowing them the time to rest from the flight and adjust to the friendly ways of the Thais.


Keep the Kids Hydrated and Fed

As a country that enjoys sunny skies and humid temperatures for most of the year, it is crucial that parents keep track of their children's water intake during travel. Carry bottled water everywhere you go and purchase the same from any one of the countless 7/11 stores occupying the country and maintain good hydration practices. Switch it up with some coconut water and fresh juices which are available through street side vendors in most major Thai holiday hubs and ensure your children's meals are equally successful as a hungry child is a miserable and irritable one. Keep snacks in your day bag and make mealtimes a priority even on the go.


Schedule Mall Time

Staying cool is equally important for families hailing from cold climate nations around the world. Schedule pit stops and shopping sprees in Bangkok malls every now and then to get away from the heat and enjoy a few hours of air-conditioned bliss. All children appreciate the many distractions and highlights of a mall so capitalize on this preference to keep the kids entertained and cool.