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10 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothing

Linen fabric is introduced to a wide range of home products like bedsheets, bath, kitchen table linens and eventually evolved into the clothing industry


High Air Permeability

High Air Permeability

Shirt Fabric Manufacturers in India are relatively producing many linen based clothing in a variety of range including but not limited to White Linen pants for men, Linen Jackets for Men to Linen Blazer with Jeans. One of the main reasons for opting linen fibre is their breathable nature. More than cotton, linen has lower thread count which provides a comfortable airflow to penetrate through the clothing.



Linen clothing has an excellent moisture absorbent feature. This provides comfort especially to skin allergy people like eczema or other skin conditions where they need to maintain dry body temperature in order to avoid bacteria and microbes breeding.


Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

Linen clothing’s lint-free, wrinkle-free behavior makes it convenient to maintain. However, there are few things to consider when washing Men’s white linen shirts and pants. Use only an optimal whitener in a delicate wash cycle. Bleaching must not be used for linen clothing at any cost. It may weaken the fabric over the period. Air drying the linen clothing or tumble dry for a quicker option.


Shrink Free

Unlike other fabrics like cotton, which shrinks in certain temperature conditions like hot water, Linen Clothing is wrinkle-free, and in fact, they become better in each wash. Linens become softer and shinier over the period.


Lint Free

Lint Free

Linen Clothing is refreshingly cool fabric, and its lint-free property makes the cloth free from building up a charge like electrostatic discharge, this is due to their excellent natural absorbent feature and first-rate conductor of heat.


Long Durability

Linen fabric has a notable resilient towards any damage caused by abrasion. The flax fibres, in general, do not stretch much which is the reason for its long life. These are 30% stronger than the cotton. Also, the original form of its soft texture can be felt in the long usage.


Comfort Fit

Comfort Fit

As it is breathable, the fabric gives a classy comfort fit, and it is essential in tropical regions like India which experiences hot and humid climate around the year especially in those area near the seashore regions.



Linen fabrics in garment manufacturing fields have evolved tremendously with experimenting with various styles and for different seasons. They have introduced a wide range of brilliant collections from casual to formal outfits like blue linen blazer, men’s white linen shirts and pants, for business meetings and stylish shirts for men, linen trousers with warm color options for a casual outing.


Weather Compatibility

Weather Compatibility

Linen clothing is apt for the summer season for its lightweight, breathable and moisture absorbent qualities. Also, for a winter season, unlike wool which makes you sweat, linen fabrics help to retain the heat from the body temperature and releases excess heat making it a comfortable wear. This is possible due to the fact that Flax is a natural insulator.


Environment friendly

Linens can thrive in poor soil conditions too with very little fertilizers. They also require less water to grow when compared to a cotton plantation, thus saving the water consumption. As linen is derived from the natural fibre plant, makes it biodegradable.