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15 Spanish Words For Beautiful Woman To Impress Your Girl - Viralbake

woman are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Simply calling her beautiful, pretty etc is an understatement. Check out these 15 Spanish words that gives you the right imagination and different ways of referring to a beautiful woman.

Here's What That Went Wrong With Lunar Lander Vikram Minutes Before The Landing - Viralbake

India's first attempt to land on the far side of the moon, ended up as failure on Saturday, after ISRO lost contact with it's Lunar Lander Vikram.

This New Nokia Phone Is Stronger Than Nokia 1100 And Has A Google Assistant - Viralbake

The three phones revived by HMD Global include Nokia 110 (2019) Nokia 800 Tough which comes with military-grade build quality and Nokia 2720 Flip.

US Open Final: Rafael Nadal Beats Daniil Medvedev To Win 19th Slam, Here Are Records Broken - Viralbake

US Open Final: After beating Daniil Medvedev Nadal inches one step closer to levelling Roger Federer's record of all-time Grand Slams (20).

17 Actual Superpowers You Can Attain With The Power of Meditation - Viralbake

meditation doesnt just give you peaceful mind. You can attain actual superpowers with the help of meditation. And these are the 17 powers you unlock.

19 Images That Prove Putin Is The Baddest Mofukka of All Times - Viralbake

His lifestyle, combined with his bad-ass attitude and a long(very long) list of wealthy possessions can give you a clear picture why we say so.

Lightheaded While Standing Up – You Could Be At A Potential Risk Of Having Dementia - Viralbake

Well, it is advantageous to have dementia only if there is a Noah in your life to bring you back from the dementia-land every time you slip away. If not, then folks, pay attention to the symptoms you are seeing today that may turn you into a clueless buffoon at your old age.

16 Reasons Why Indra Dev Is The Hindu Version Of Loki - Viralbake

We Indians have our very own versions of everything. Don’t we? And yes, we do have our Loki as well. The God of Rain or ‘Lord Indra’ as we know him has some striking similarities with Loki. How come?

As If Kiki Challenge Wasn't Enough, People Committing Suicide For Momo Challenge - Viralbake

Just a few months back, the deadly ‘ Blue Whale’ challenge surfaced and ended up taking hundreds of lives. And now, to replace it there is another game called ‘Momo’.


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Are You Getting Friend-Zoned Every Time? These 13 Reasons Are Responsible - Viralbake

Are you getting friend-zoned very easily? These are 13 reasons that will save you next time you try to apprach a girl. Read how to not get friend-zoned.

This Man Puts Even The Deadliest Of Snakes To Sleep With His Charm - Viralbake

A snake performer from Egypt is wooing the crowd with his crazy skills by putting dealdy snakes to sleep. Check out amazing photos of this snake charmer.

Are Whales Compassionate Towards Humans? This Life Threatening Incident Reveals The Truth - Viralbake

Whales saves a human from the attack of a shark. Does it reveal that whales are friendly towards humans also? Find more about the nature of whales.

What Would Our Lives Be If All Our Machines Had Their Own Feelings - Viralbake

In the world where we let Alexa and Siri do the work for us, what would happen when machines have their own feelings and start arguing with us.

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Discover Beyond Bollywood Movies, Bollywood Celebrities, Bollywood News | Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Singh, SRK, Salman Khan

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Interesting news from around the India, updated every day.Check out the latest interesting news from

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Discover latest funny stories from India.Keep update yourself with true funny stories.

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Watch These Badass Aunty's Dance Like Crazy On Daddy-Mummy Hai Nai Ghar Pe! - Viralbake

After the fever of Kiki challange has subdued, the trend to gain popularity by dancing on bollywood numbers is getting back on track. Watch these

Are You Aware Of These 15 Licenses That Kawariyas Think They Have During A Kanwar Yatra? - Viralbake

Every year we face issues related to kanwar yatra. Kanwariyas create so much nuisance while on their so called bare foot walk. 15 issues with kanwar yatra.

Are You All Geared Up To Witness The Last Solar Eclipse Of 2018? - Viralbake

Get ready to witness a partial solar eclipse on saturday. After the much hyped lunar eclipse that showcased a blood moon its time for solar ecliplse of 2018

Ten Places Where Kids Become The Biggest Nightmare Of Your Life - Viralbake

Common places where kids annoy the most out of us. Check out these 10 places where kids create the biggest scene and embarass parents.

10 Ways Hackers Are Stealing Your Fingerprints From Your Smartphone Screen - Viralbake

Fingerprints are unsafe in our phone because of all the third party apps. Advanced technology has enabled hackers to easily steal fingerprint from our phone

This Scientist Gave Birth To A Chicken From A Broken Egg - Viralbake

Scientists have discovered a way to birth chicken from a broken egg. It is captured in the viral video of chicken born from broken egg.

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