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Updated by Out of Warranty on Nov 30, 2018
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Out of Warranty

Fast, Affordable Smartphone and Tablet Repair

Out Of Warranty | NY's Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Shop

Here at Out of Warranty, we take pride in our repair of your electronics. Our experienced team of technicians has been fixing cell phones for more than 10 years. In that time, we have expanded our business to major cities across the United States and branched out to repair a wide variety of manufacturers.

Ipod Screen & Water Damage Repair | Out of Warranty

Our iPod repair service covers water damage, broken screen replacement, charging pot repair, headphone jack repair and all other types of broken iPod damage.

Iphone Screen & Water Damage Repair | Out of Warranty

Be it water damage, screen replacement, charging port repair or headphone jack repair, Out of Warranty will take care of your iPhone from the earliest to the latest phone model.

Smartphone Screen Repair | Out of Warranty

We cover all smartphone repairs from all different smartphone brands. Be it water damage, broken screen replacement, charging port repair, headphone jack repair and others, we're sure to repair it for you ASAP.

Ipad & Tablet Screen Repair And Replacement | Out of Warranty

In a hurry to get your iPad fixed in no time? We cover various repair works such as screen repair, headphone jack repair, charging port repair, water damage repair, and all other types of iPad repair jobs.

How to Fix iPhone Battery | Cell Phone Repair Blog

It is a nagging problem every iPhone aficionados face at one point or the other. iPhone battery zapping fast is one issue users confront and it literally frustrates. A dead smartphone cannot transact businesses, seal deals, remind a co-employee about a last-minute scheduled meeting or chat with a significant other. Here some tips on how to fix iPhone battery.

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement and Repair DIY | Out of Warranty | Cell Phone Repair Blog

iPhone 4 screens replacement is a nightmare and sadly, quite very common. It happens at one point or another; your phone slips out of your hand and the ground breaks its fall, or you accidentally knock it to the ground or worse, you accidentally sit or place something heavy on your screen. Then, you pick up the phone and your worst fears are confirmed.

The Life, Death, and Legacy of iPhone Jailbreaking | Out of Warranty | Cell Phone Repair Blog

Jailbreaking will remain for a long time a catalyst that has helped Apple to develop the iPhone as we have known it to be today. Through iPhone jailbreaking, the company has tightened security practices and developed foolproof engineering paths. But really happen if you jailbreak iPhone?

Why is my iPhone Not Charging? Tips How to Fix it | Cell Phone Repair Blog

Perhaps you are still in love with the older version of your iPhone, or you use it as a backup phone. Maybe your kids have these versions, charging them correctly, the right way can help you or your lovely babies enjoy these devices a little bit more before you go for the latest version.

How to Save Battery on iPhone 7

While Apple’s iOS 7’s operating system gets you optimal and smoother system performance for your iPhone, you’d note that the battery runs out with an alarming speed whenever you switch on the phone. Below are seven tips how to save battery on iPhone 7.

9 Common iPhone Questions and Answered

Be it looking for ways to get your phone to let go of storage spaces without harming too many files or getting how to stop your phone from killing your battery, we really just want to fix it all with a tap or a click.

7 Charging Mistakes that kill your Phone Battery

With time you’d notice that your iPhone battery performance diminishes and is not as operational as when it was first used. It is highly possible that your battery is being throttled gradually without obvious signs.

How to Control PC with iPhone

The advancements made on technology has gone a long way in helping us in our everyday routines as well as relieving us of the usual stress we go through just to achieve some things during our leisure time. Learn as we provide tips on how to control PC with iPhone.

How to Get More Storage on your iPhone in 30 seconds

It can be quite frustrating when you probably want to download an app, capture captivating moment or even record a video and then you whip out your iPhone and it tells you that there is no storage space left. Are you curious how to get more storage on your iphone? Here are some tips how to clear storage on iPhone.

Shooting videos have always been an integral part of the Android experience. Videos have been included in cellphones even before Android or iOS came along, but it has always been a tricky proposition. In the beginning, the videos were jerky with low resolution. When more powerful cell phone cameras came along, these were all edited on the desktop. No amount of repair and upgrade at your cell phone repair shop can help with the videos.