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No Place Like Home Care LLC

Senior citizen assistance at Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough County. We are a leading Caregiver / Nurse Referral Service and are thrilled at the opportunity to serve you or your loved one in the comfort of home. Visit :



No Place Like Home Care LLC

No Place Like Home Care LLC

Senior citizen assistance at Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough County. We are a leading Caregiver / Nurse Referral Service and are thrilled at the opportunity to serve you or your loved one in the comfort of home.

Finding The Right Adult Living Community: Important Tips

The best time to visit a center for inspection is when the center holds a major activity that involves all or most of the adults. To see how well the events are organized, you would ask to be part of it- a request that any credible and sincere management will happily grant.

What You Need to Know About Tampa Elder Care

The two most common services provided by in-home Tampa elder care providers are visits from either a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or visits from a Home Health Aide (HHA). Certified nursing assistants are not registered nurses, but are nursing assistants, so they are able to administer medicines and may have some first aid, CPR, or other basic pieces of training.

Seniors Are Need To Be Ensure That The Basic Health Necessary

Healthcare is important, especially for seniors; however, finding the right facility is sometimes hard to do. Wanting a lifestyle change or needing help with a serious medical condition; are just two reasons why seniors look for good, basic healthcare.

Caring for the Alzheimer's Caregiver | No Place Like HomeCare LLC

“Caregiving is an act of love, even for paid caregivers,” Dr. London said in an interview. “You put so much of yourself out there all the time, especially with Alzheimer’s patients.

The home care in Clearwater and Hillsborough County advantages you can receive are infinite and worth your expense. The following points will draw attention to the benefits that a senior home care nurse care can provide you and your elderly loved ones.
1. You’re Hiring A Professional
2. Food and Medicine
3. Activities of Daily Living

Give Your Loved One A New Phase Of Life With Senior Home Care Services In Tampa

First and the most important things about choosing home care services is your elderly loved one get to stay at their home. Staying at home allows an individual to feel most cared for. They feel comfortable at their home, surrounded by the familiar people and seems to stay more active if get the right assistance they need.

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Senior Living Advisor

No person has the same needs and requirements as others which means that they will need different services to be provided for them. Once you have decided the type of care and housing that you or your loved one may need, you will be able to settle on the right facility.

Improvements Made To Home Health Care In St. Petersburg, Florida

There are many features that a home care provider must make in succession to properly go about doing their job. Peace of mind is an expression that will be repeated frequently in this article because when we all get down to it, peace of mind is what St. Petersburg elder care has to provide both to their elderly patients and their families.

'Powerful effect of exercise' against Alzheimer's

The areas of the brain begun with improved performance were the same areas of the brain that lead to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The areas included were the precuneus region – the area involved in indirect memory, the temporal portion and the parahippocampal gyrus – an area that plays a role in memory encoding and retrieval.

Being Organized : Providing Adequate Elderly Care

So as to adequately look after their patients, proper organization is critical. It helps in correspondence, as well as decreases stress and spares time and cash as well. Here are a few approaches to keep your patients sorted and well organized.
1. Keep a Schedule
2. Keep a Call Log
3. Make a List

Finding The Right Senior Care in Hillsborough County

Having compassionate and highly trained nurses come to the home of the elderly patient is something that will really benefit the person in need of care. Let’s talk about some reasons to find out the Right Senior Care in Hillsborough County:-
1. Low overhead for the client
2. The caregiver
3. Quality of life

Choosing Between At-home Care And A Senior Care Center

Home care service is, therefore, ideal health, social service that encourages or provide a person the ability to live in his own privacy and convenience and better still get attention from a senior home care service providers. It is a lot easier for aged parents to move around and feel as if they are in their real family care such as.

  1. Transportation
  2. Delivery Service
  3. Meal Service
Tampa Home Health Care Service Benefits

There are millions of people in America taking care of the health of their loved ones while managing busy lives. Everyone requires help. This is the only reason why Tampa home health care services exist. Home healthcare professionals help relieve the stressors that arise from family members aiding a loved one.

5 steps to reverse Dementia as you age

Nowadays, the problem is quite big for the seniors in our Society. Everyone should know how to deal with Dementia so that we can ensure the wellness of our loved ones. Here we have explained 5 steps that will reverse Dementia, which most people think cannot be treated.

How Peer Groups Can Do Wonders For The Elderly

Why we believe, peer groups can work sensations for the elderly is

because of four primary reasons:

Benefit Plans May Offer Affordable Option for Paying for In-Home Care

Elder care specialists advise that the development of new strategies enabling consumers to convert their life insurance policies into long-term care insurance benefit plans could offer millions of Americans a viable method for being able to afford the expense of paying for in-home private care.

How To Manage The Sandwich Generation Juggling Act - 8 Childish Things Caregivers Should Do

The challenges of what I call "The Sandwich Generation Juggling Act" — supporting children, occupation, and caregiving — often means dropping the ball that says "me." Adding caregiving to the table of life's responsibilities can take customs on a caregiver's health and wellness to the point of expediting aging.

10 Steps to Help Older Adults Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Falling the most severe injuries occurs among older adults, age 65 and older. More than 1.6 million older Americans end up in the emergency room or hospital because of a fall, according to the National Institutes of Health.

7 Reasons Seniors Love Home Care Services And So Would You

Home care service providers can account for the take care of your seniors. They perform on every perspective of their duty. They can assist in eating, bathing, and transportation. In old age, it is difficult for adults to make movements due to stiffness in the muscles.

Who will care for an aging generation? | No Place Like HomeCare, LLC

About a year ago, Sterling dropped her primary care doctor for a geriatrician, a physician who specializes in treating patients in their golden years. She says that the physician listens more and asks more age-relevant questions than other doctors. Treating specific maladies is secondary to making her day-to-day quality of health better, Sterling said.

Surprising Stats About Hillsborough County Elder Care

According to recent data published by ACS, the typical resident in a St Petersburg home care can described as:

  1. Female – most residents are female, with an average ratio of 7 women to 1 man.

  2. Living with at least one chronic medical condition, most commonly high blood pressure or osteoporosis.

The Landscape Of Home Health Care: Predictions For The Coming Years

The major factors that will determine how the market evolves in 2020 and beyond are the adaptability of providers to the new PDGM and RCD regulations. These were the primary disruptors for 2019, and they are expected to still affect the next few years. Every organization, from small providers of home health care in St. Petersburg to nationwide providers, will have to adapt their procedures and business models.

Our Parents For Proper Health Insurance

Here are some more benefits I’d like you to take a look at. These benefits will hopefully illustrate why having health insurance is so important.


1)You will have options when it comes to outpatient care. This is an option that only happens if you are admitted into a hospital. If you have the insurance you will not have to worry about being offered treatment or not.

Tips For Managing Senior Communities

One good tip for managing senior centres is to create fresh activities to get people in the adult community up and doing. At least, people should have up to four or more different activities to preoccupy them daily in order to have fun.