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Latest Technology News and Update - Solution Analysts

Here you can find latest technology news about Web, Mobile, eCommerce and Enterprise

Your Checklist to Get Photo Editing App - Features, Cost, and Much More

Photo editing apps are in vogue. Here we give cost, features and other important factors for developing a customized photo editing and sharing app.

Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Successful Startups

On-demand delivery apps, IoT-based apps, and mobile wallet apps can open new streams of revenue. These are among the top mobile app ideas for a successful startup.

Step-by-step Guide for Flutter Application Development - Solution Analysts

Since the launch of the stable version 1.0 in 2018, Flutter has started winning the hearts of developers worldwide. As an ambitious and robust mobile app development SDK by Google, Flutter enables developers to target both iOS and Android platforms at once with a single code. What makes Flutter more appeling is the fact that it can make apps compatible with Google’s upcoming Fuchsia operating system.

Flutter vs React Native: Which One To Choose For Mobile App Development? - Solution Analysts

Flutter is a popular platform among Android app developers. Flutter mobile development and React Native app development has some pros and cons.

Scoped Storage in Android 10- All You Need to Know

Scoped Storage in Android 10 can contribute to change the face of Android app development. It offers several benefits for the users.

Flutter vs. Swift- How to Choose the Right Framework for iOS App Development? - Solution Analysts

Building an iOS app with necessary features is quite a task. Both Flutter and Swift are robust frameworks for iOS app development. Here is a comparison.

Top Features of Android 11 from Developer’s Point of View

The latest Android 11 is ready to release in May 2020. Here we include all its major features from the Android app developer's viewpoint.

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Waiting in the long queues is a thing of the past for many patients globally. All thanks to the advancing technology and an on-demand appointment app.

How to Select the Best IoT Application Development Company for Your Next Project? - Solution Analysts

Selecting the right app development company is half the battle won since app quality is the major defining feature in its future success and failure

Complete Guide for On-demand Laundry App Development : Must-have Features

An on-demand laundry mobile app can serve all major objectives of your business. Here we include the most sought-after features of the laundry or dry cleaning mobile app and cost-determining factors.

How to Drive Business Growth through Parking App Development

The rise in the economy drives the increase in the number of cars. But, the number of parking lots remains the same. It makes parking problems bigger than ever. There, parking app development can help.

Cross Platform Technologies to Deal with Multi-Platform Reality - Solution Analysts

We offer hybrid application development services with cross-platform app development technologies. You can speak to our experts to find out more.

M-commerce & Enterprise Apps- The Need of Today's Hyperlocal Digital World - Solution Analysts

The move from e-commerce to m-commerce has been a result of an organic growth process in the e-tailing market. As people spend more time with online shopping on their mobile devices, it makes sense to have a mobile application ready for their convenience.

Top 7 Technology Updates and Trends in IT Industry - Solution Analysts

In the ever-changing world of software development; it is important to keep updated with the current technology, methodologies, frameworks and upcoming trends.

8 Things to Explore for Awesome Wearable App Development - Solution Analysts

Wearable app development is very challenging. These are few measures that our experts identified during wearable app making. As devices and platforms change, developers need to be ready to meet the demands.

Recent Trends in Mobile App Development That You Need to Know - Solution Analysts

Recent trends already proved that the future is mobile. Thus, to ensure a sustainable success to your business, it has become more than necessary to stay updated with the latest mobile app development trends.

Top 6 eCommerce Platforms to Lighten Up Your Online Store - Solution Analysts

Here, we have listed 6 eCommerce frameworks or platforms to enhance the development of your online store

All That You Can Do With The iOS 9 in Mobile App Development - Solution Analysts

Our developers are currently working on developing 9 new applications for the iOS 9 platform along with its new device features for better app functions.

Let’s get closer to iBeacon: An example of the emerging Internet of Things - Solution Analysts

Do you know we are already using Beacons? Your mobile itself is a Beacon. Surprised Yes it is. Let’s get closer to iBeacon: An example of the emerging Internet of Things."

How Everyone's Life is Influenced by IoT - 8 Real Life Examples - Solution Analysts

IoT is like the futuristic wave of automation and will influence every one life in so many ways — it gives a way to live longer, automate businesses that are more productive and profitable, a way to save natural resources, changing our home as “Smart homes”, and our life in a positive way.

Elements of Android Material App Design

Material design is the new design language for Android and defines the visual, motion and interaction design across platforms and devices.

Getting the Best of Remote Developers for Mobile app Development

Outsourcing mobile app development servicing for your business is much more cost-effective than hiring someone in-house, especially if your core business is not technology related.

Guide to Develop Real Time Location Apps Using iBeacons

iBeacon is the best in Beacons broadcasting and Apple will monitor for beacons if the app is not running.

Android, iOS or Ionic: Which way to go? - Solution Analysts

New ionic mobile app development technologies offer scope for creating agile applications with extensive capabilities. Businesses can study app development solutions by visiting the large network of developers on their forum and take a call on its suitability.

8 Valuable Tips to Master Best Code Practices in Node.JS

Node.JS has proven to be an immensely effective tool for solving a variety of problems and that is precisely the reason why developers happen to prefer it.