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7 Best Fitness Websites Right Now

A look at the 7 best health, fitness and sports websites active today. There are thousands of sites out there dedicated to getting in shape, winning medals and becoming the next Mr Olympia. But most are garbage. Here are the cream of the crop. is probably the best strength-oriented website out there. You'll find countless blogs written by internet nobodies who tel you that they know the "secret" to getting really strong. People who are completely unknown in the powerlifting and weightlifting communities claim to be able to add 200 pounds to your bench in 3 months. Obviously, this is a lie; otherwise these people who have all kinds of world records and maybe some Olympic medals too.

EliteFTS isn't like that. Here you'll find actual, accomplished powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, and bodybuilders sharing their knowledge on their respective sports. There's no pushy sales tactics, no gimmicks, and no false promises - just straight up knowledge form the best in the game.

For those of you who want to take your running to the next level, is an absolute must-visit. Author Jason Fitzgerald is a sub 2:40 marathon runner, a certified running coach, and the author of the immensely popular Running for Health & Happiness - a book written specifically to help beginners get started in the sport in earnest.

His blog is an absolute treasure trove of resources, all of which are free. You'll find a complete running course, motivational posts, and tips on how to keep pushing yourself forward. Jason is an invaluable member of the running community, and his blog is deservedly among the most popular.

While many websites dedicated to getting leaner, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing tend to have a spammy, somewhat unhealthy feel to them, Fat Burners Digest most definitely does not. These guys provide science-backed information on the healthiest, fastes, most sustainable ways to lose fat and get in shape. There are no gimmicks in their workout or eating guides - everything is backed up by hard scientific study, as well as the contributors' personal experiences.

They also provide independent, impartial bodybuilding supplement reviews. This is invaluable in a market where misinformation is rampant and scams proliferate like crazy. The editorial team don't let manufacturers get away with cheap ingredients or under-hand practices. They really know bodybuilding supplements, and they go to great lengths to explain the science behind fat burners, pre-workouts, etc.

The beauty of this mountain biking blog is that it is genuinely useful for everybody, regardless of your level of experience. It is ostensibly aimed at beginners; it provides help getting started, product reviews, and easy-to-follow tutorials. Their videos are extremely watchable and highly informative.

But the blog doesn't just cover basic information. Even seasoned mountain biking enthusiasts can learn from the authors' expertise. Even if it's just for the product reviews and unboxing videos, it's hard to not enjoy visiting this website. It is also highly motivational - a few pages in and you'll be rearing to get up on the trails and start discovering a favorite hobby you didn't know you had!

Stronger by Science was born of the blood, sweat, and tears of Greg Nuckols. This guy knows a hell of a lot about powerlifting (and strength sports in general), and on this website he painstakingly lays everything out, piece by piece, in highly readable long-form articles. Greg goes into immense detail in every post, and everything is cross referenced with the latest scientific research. This is not a quick and easy read - Stronger by Science is for people who genuinely want to understand their sport, how they can improve, and why certain things are the way they are.

It may be incredibly in-depth in places, but this is not just a website for professionals. Beginners can get off to the best possible start in the gym by reading Greg's Big 3 movements guides - one on the bench press, one on the squat, and another on the deadlift. Reading these guides will help you truly understand these movements and master them from the beginning.

This one is easy. Swim Well Blog is a blog dedicated to helping you improve as a swimmer. It isn't aimed specifically at professionals, enthusiasts, or complete beginners. It aims to help everybody become a better, more competent swimmer, regardless of their experience and ability level.

It delivers the latest news from the sport, detailed technique advice, tips, and reviews. If you want to start taking your swimming more seriously, or you just want to see if it catches your interest, then this is a great place to start.

This one is pretty obvious from the name. Women's Health Mag is a dedicated fitness and bodybuilding website specifically aimed at women. The exercise and diet requirements of men and women don't actually differ a great deal. But their goals do, and the vast majority of health and sports websites out there focus on men - help getting huge shoulders, a bigger bench press, a harder punch, etc. Some women want these things, of course, but they tend to want these things less than men on average.

Women's Health Mag focuses on helping women achieve the things that are important to them - overall good health, fat loss, core strength development, leg and glute muscle development, etc. It isn't just diet and exercise advice though; this website covers general life advice too.